Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Humphreys gives half million dollars to Greitens campaign

The big bucks race for governor of Missouri continued today with a $500,000 contribution from Joplin businessman David Humphreys of TAMKO to Republican candidate Eric Greitens.

The oversized contribution followed a big day Monday when the Republican Governors Association pumped $750,000 and Denver businessman Michael Shannon added another $250,000 to the Greitens campaign. Another $50,000 came from Joe Craft of Alliance Coal of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Another $50,504 in contributions over $5,000 gave Greitens a three-day haul of $1,600,504.

During the same period, Greitens' Democratic opponent, Attorney General Chris Koster, received $95,000 in oversized contributions.

Earlier this month, Koster received $100,000 from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union,

Greitens picked up $100,000 from Illinois Republican Gov Bruce Rauner.


Anonymous said...

Does it make anyone else wonder why out of state donors are shelling out money?

Anonymous said...

Where has the Silicon Valley pervert who gave Greitens over a million in the primary gone to?

Anonymous said...

@7:17 Odds are that they have business interests in Missouri.

Anonymous said...

The NRA, the Missouri Farm Bureau and others support Koster. Why does Humphreys go against these Republican stalwarts? Because Greitens will be his puppet. Koster isn't for sale, Greitens is bought and paid for.

Anonymous said...

Yes...and we all know what a large 'contribution' will get them.