Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Graves: I will work to shrink the size of federal government

(From Sixth District Congressman Sam Graves)

American small businesses create 7 out of every 10 new jobs in this country. That fact always reminds me that our economy can’t grow if we have a government that works against small businesses, instead of with them.

First, it starts with fewer regulations and less government intervention. Unfortunately, too many people in Washington believe that Americans are not capable of making their own decisions.

The government does not create jobs or spur economic growth. No bureaucrat has ever done either of those things.

What government can do, however, is help set the table for prosperity. Small business owners should be worried about creating jobs and providing for their families, not complying with unnecessary federal regulations.

Right now, we have a serious problem with the government overstepping its power in this country. We see it come to life in the form of Obamacare mandates, broad EPA regulations, and now orders on who can use the restroom with our children at school.

And we see Washington creeping further into our Second Amendment rights as well. That’s why I introduced a bill that prohibits liberal lawmakers across the country from using taxes or fees as a way to restrict gun ownership.

But the problems we have with an overextended government go beyond any of these individual issues. A government that is too powerful, too large, and spends too much threatens all of our freedoms and long-term security.

As your Representative, I will continue working to shrink the size of the federal government and limit the power of overextended bureaucrats in Washington. Because as Washington grows, everyone's chance at prosperity shrinks with it.


Anonymous said...

How does a state legislator shrink the Federal Government? Read the Constitution. Emphasize Supremacy Clause. Visit a High School Social Studies teacher for details.

Anonymous said...

Well Sammy, here is the thing. Small Business really cannot be trusted to do the things that are necessary without strong Government oversight. We have had too many chemical dumps, payroll and tax problems, dangerous conditions and assorted other violations in the name of making a buck. Get real Sammy, you and those who pay you more then we the taxpayer are really facing their final days exploiting the workers of this country in the name of business. Welcome to the bight new future where workers will finally have a say in their own destiny.