Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kimberling City Republican: My constituents wanted me to vote yes on gun bill veto override

(A portion of the weekly newsletter from Rep. Don Phillips, R-Kimberling City, was devoted to the veto override of SB 656.)

SB 656: (Concealed Carry) This has been one of the hottest issues we’ve seen in several years. A tremendous majority of the hundreds of people that contacted me wanted a “yes” vote and that’s the way I voted.

This bill contains many aspects but is highlighted by the constitutional concealed carry piece. The bill itself is fairly straightforward in language; however, the implementation has thrown us all off a little.

Most of the new law goes into effect within 30 days after the override vote, however, the constitutional concealed carry needs to tie into the new criminal code that takes place on Jan. 1, 2017. So, to legally conceal a firearm without a permit (only within the state and only within the legal aspects of current law…can’t be a convicted felon) that portion of the new law will begin Jan. 1, 2017 as part of the new criminal code. 

It still takes a permit to carry concealed outside of Missouri, in states that have reciprocity with us; that part remains the same. 

There’s also other pieces in the bill: The “Castle Doctrine” which now expands the homeowner’s right to protect themselves; (by allowing persons who have been authorized by a property owner to be on or in the property to use deadly force as necessary to protect themselves or others… grandparents babysitting their grandkids, at their children’s home, fall into this category). 

“Stand Your Ground” repeals the need to retreat as a result of a threat. There’s also a new provision that allows the sheriffs to use the concealed carry funds as a revolving fund / discretionary fund as long as there’s money in the CCW account to administrate the program. The maximum amount to be charged for a five-year concealed carry permit will be $100. There’s a provision for a $500 lifetime concealed carry permit as well for those that choose it. For further info on this (and any other bill, go to; and click on “bill info” and then “bill tracking.)”

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Harvey Hutchinson said...

The Democrats are like their Naxi heroes of the '30's; they want to take away our guns, callus Deplorables, then send us to the showers and ovens!!