Sunday, September 25, 2016

Agenda posted for Tuesday Joplin R-8 Board meeting

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education will meet 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Memorial Education Building. The agenda is printed below. A closed session will be held at 5:30 p.m. to discuss legal and personnel matters.

A. Call to Order

1. Roll Call

B. Pledge of Allegiance

C. Approval of Agenda - Action

D. Reports

1. Board President's Report

a. Celebrations - Info. (Jeff Koch)

b. BOE Policy Committee Update - Info. (L. Banwart & J. Martucci)

c. BOE Data Analysis Committee Update - Info. (J. Koch, S. Dermott & L. Musser)

d. BOE Finance, Salary, and Benefits Committee - Info. (Dr. Fort & J. Martucci)

e. BOE Safety Committee - Info. (Dr. Fort & C. Sloan)

2. Superintendent's Data Report

a. Joplin Schools Foundation: Education Excellence Grant - Info (Dr. Ridder)

b. Summer School Report - Info. (Jennifer Doshier)

c. Health and Dental Care Insurance Reports - Info. (Paul Barr)

d. Financial Statements - Info. (Paul Barr)

E. Public Comments Regarding Agenda Items *

F. Consent Agenda - Action

1. Minutes - Action (Pat Waldo)

2. Personnel Recommendations - Action (Brandon Webb)

3. Approve Bus Routes for SY 2016-17 - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

G. Regular Agenda

1. Accounts Payable - Action (Paul Barr)

2. Non-Resident Tuition - Action (Paul Barr)

3. Renewal of Employee Health Plan Reinsurance - Action (Paul Barr and Brandon Webb)

4. Professional Development Plan (First Reading) - Action (Dr. Ridder and Dr. Gilbreth)

5. Cognitive Coaching Training - Action (Dr. Ridder, Jennifer Doshier & Sandra Cantwell) )

6. Policy Updates Second Reading - Action (Brandon Webb)

a. Policy CGC: State & Federal Programs Administration

b. Policy DID: Inventory Management

c. Policy DIE: Audits

d. Policy GBCA: Staff Conflict of Interest

7. Policy Updates First Reading - Action (Brandon Webb)

a. Policy DB: Annual Budget

b. Policy DD: Grants

8. Policy Update First and Final Reading - Action (Brandon Webb)

a. Policy AC: Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

9. SW Center of Educational Excellence Yearly Membership - Action (Mark Barlass)

10. Agreement with Crowder College: Behavior Support for IEP Students - Action (Mark Barlass)

11. Acknowledgement of Agreement Joplin Schools and Leffen Center for Autism - Action (Mark Barlass)

12. MoreNet Renewal - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

13. Capital Outlay Expenditures - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

a. Emerson Demolition Change Order - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

b. HVAC Equipment for Jefferson Elementary School - Action

c. Memorial Education Center Partial Roof Repair - Action (Dr. Sachetta)

14. Superintendent's Systems Review - Action (Jeff Koch)

15. Plus/Delta - Info. (Dr. Ridder)

a. Plus: What did we do well

b. Delta: Opportunities for Improvement

H. BOE Announcements

I. Adjourn


Anonymous said...

Fire Price. She bugs me.

Anonymous said...

Again with the cognitive coaching. That Ridder would appear with Cantwell and Doshier kills the last few shreds of respect I have for him. He might claim he has 80 teachers interested, but what they do is ask untenured teachers who don't think they can say no or who feel flattered for being recognized. It's the norm here, no pun intended. Waste of money when there isn't enough money to go around to provide basic learning needs for the students or decent raises for certified and classified staff. Boo hiss. Just say no.

Anonymous said...

So much for teacher-driven PD. Ridder told us last year that teachers would determine what PD they will receive. I'm still waiting for that. So far it's been a study of a ridiculous book that is insulting it's so simplistic and wasted meeting time. What teachers asked for this PD day? The same ones who want cognitive coaching? Count me out.

Anonymous said...

Ridder was brought us by our elitist..Banwart,Nodler(his friend),Gratz and Ms.Sally...we got the last three from Likeable Landis and Ruinous Randy Steele..Ridder is impressed with himself and his template of feel good progressive pablum.They will approve this bill because big ego Koch is now a Ridder puppet.WATCH OUT FOR RIDDER SELECTING HIS REPLACEMENT. Where oh where has excellence in education gone in Joplin.