Friday, September 23, 2016

New ad; How Roy Blunt has cashed in on Senate seat

(From the Missouri Democratic Party)

While Senator Blunt was supposed to be working for Missourians, he was raising his pay 12 times.

After nearly 20 years in Congress, Senator Blunt has lost sight of what's important: Missourians.

On top of Senator Blunt's focus on raising his pay, every adult member his immediate family works as a lobbyist.

Do you think that Washington is working "just fine" for Senator Blunt and his family? Clearly -- but Washington and Senator Blunt aren't working for Missourians.

(The new ad from the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee accompanies this post.)

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Anonymous said...

Big deal... the Democrats do the same,think,Supreme Court, that's all I need this time,Kander would do a fine job like all the liberals..I will vote for Blunt..

Anonymous said...

Blunt does not represent you, he does not even live in Missouri. He represents only those people his family (new wife and kids) represent.

Anonymous said...

Blunt does not represent you

While I generally agree that he's part of the GOP establishment (GOPe) that has to go, the above is demonstrably not true with it comes to gun control, where his opponent is backing the most vicious and invidious gun control gambit to come around in a long time. Even the national ACLU, which hates the 2nd Amendment with a burning passion, does not believe secret no due process government lists of who can't own guns are acceptable.

Which is a shame, because otherwise I might be voting for him just to get rid of Blunt.

Unknown said...

Don't even think about a lying weasel like Jason Kander. He's not capable of running a three car funeral.
As SOS he ran out of ballots. In STL at 6 AM; that's right AM

Send him HOME; maybe lying crooked Hillary have some make work for him in their crooked foundation!!