Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reader: There is more to the Seduction of Roy Blunt

(Six years ago, during the 2010 U. S. Senate race between Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan, I wrote a post titled "The Seduction of Roy Blunt," in which I wrote about his attempting to slip language into the Homeland Security Act designed to benefit big tobacco. At the time, Blunt's girlfriend, who is now his wife, was a lobbyist for big tobacco. Court records show that at the same time Blunt was playing games with legislation designed to protect this country after 9-11 to benefit the girlfriend lobbyist, he was still married to his first wife. That post has received renewed attention over the past few days as Blunt defends his Senate seat against Democratic challenger Jason Kander.  A reader posted the following comment on the post a few minutes ago.)

Randy, you forgot to tell some of the best parts of the story.

How Blunt has been voted TWICE as the worst, most corrupt member of Congress in a USA Today poll, and the people voting - were members of Congress! Not only that, but Blunt openly handed out checks on the floor of the Senate to other Senators that had voted for his tobacco legislation, which led to censure. Funny, I don't recall reading any of that in the press, nor did anyone talk at the time of how his new wife was the biggest, most powerful lobbyist on the hill for the tobacco industry. (She has since gone on to switch to lobbying for insurance companies, and we wonder why MO won't expand Medicaid in the state or set up a state exchange so people can actually afford their insurance premiums)

Let's talk about his house. Blunt does not live in MO and has not for years, back circa 2007-2008 he bought a plot of land for $2 million, then turned around and built himself a new house on that plot of land for many more million. So, the conservative voters of the state vote for a many to represent them who does not live here, will never live here, lives in DC in a multi-million dollar mansion, and who doesn't give a rats ass about the constituents he is supposed to represent - and ya'll are getting upset when others call you on your conservative stupidity? Really? BAHAHAHAHAHA

And we can always talk about Matt, and his illegal dealings that led to investigations that in turn led to him throwing in the towel on another run at office. Children only know what they are taught, and in this case, the apple didn't fall very far from the tree.

I am amazed at the complete and total lack of knowledge the voters of this state have when it comes to voting Republican. The Republican Party has been intent on taking every safety net program, your Soc Security, your unemployment, your road funds, and so much, so much more, and you still vote against your own best interests and vote Republican. It's amazing, the cognitive dissonance rampant among the voters - and then you bitch when other people call you on your stupidity.


Anonymous said...

It's because God and Guns are more important.

Anonymous said...

God? The sacred cow Roy worships is the bronze bull on Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk ethanol for a moment. Roy Blunt heavily invests in ethanol production. Matt Blunt, as Governor of Missouri, pushes through legislation mandating that gasoline sold in Missouri contains ethanol. Some oil companies, such as BP, refuse to change their blends and are forced to abandon their Missouri business. The people of Missouri end up paying the bill for engine damage in their vehicles and especially their small engines, such as mowers and lawn tractors. I tell you true, a man who has no problem cheating on his wife, has absolutely no problem making money at the expense of the very people who voted him into office.