Monday, August 08, 2016

Koster reaches across aisle to disaffected Republicans

The similarities between the race for Missouri governor and the U. S. presidential campaign are stunning.

At the national level, Donald Trump received the Republican presidential nomination with a plurality of the vote and nowhere near a majority, rising to the top because of the large number of candidates who entered the race.

Now, the Republicans are seeing many defections with some going to Hillary Clinton and others to third party candidates.

At the state level, there are no third party candidates, but the rest of the scenario is almost the same. Former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens received the Republican nomination for governor with a plurality with the remainder of the vote divided between Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, businessman John Kinder, and former Speaker of the House Catherine Hanaway.

As Attorney General Chris Koster, the Democratic nominee, notes in this Jason Rosenbaum video of a St. Louis campaign stop, the Missouri Farm Bureau recently broke from its tradition of endorsing Republican candidates and endorsed Koster.

Koster, a former Republican, said Republican values have been thrown under the bus by the voters in favor of "a man with a machine gun."

"I know something about the Republican party," Koster said, adding that Greitens does not represent the GOP. "

Expect Koster and the Democratic Party to target Republicans who are not comfortable with Greitens, in a similar fashion to what the national Democrats did with their appeals to Republicans during the recent convention.


Anonymous said...

When I hear that he used to be a republican but is now running as a democrat, why do I keep seeing a wolf in sheep's clothing in my mind?

Anonymous said...

There are a whole lot of people who used to be Republicans but who are now Democrats. There ain't a whole lot other than that one can do when the Republican Party loses it's way and starts goose stepping down Pennsylvania Avenue. Heil Trump.

kitty chiwawa said...

Greitens was originally a Democrat until a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure you won't see him blowing anything up with a machine gun like Greitens to prove his qualifications.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

I.e. , He is a disloyal treacherous scum bag
And really thinks a good Republican would want another Obama Nucin in thrre?

He must not have waited for the marijuana initiative to pass?