Thursday, August 25, 2016

Victim of Jasper High School aide's sexual assault, sues woman and her husband

The victim of a sexual assault that resulted in a seven-year prison sentence for a former Jasper High School teacher's aide is suing the woman for sexual assault and battery and her husband for negligence.

In the lawsuit, which was filed July 22 in Jasper County Circuit Court, Joplin attorney Scott Vorhees, representing the young man, who is referred to only as D. S. in the petition, Janice Rusk, 46, is described as a "manipulative" woman who lured the boy into a series of sexual encounters.

Under the guise of being a mentor, the lawsuit says, "(Rusk) deceived D. J.'s mother into believing that she would educate and care for her child while he was in school and after school activities.

"For a period of time, (Rusk) repeatedly sought opportunities to sexually molest D. S. by bribery, employing manipulative tactics, false professions of affection, forced vows of secrecy and silence, and other such methods to coerce the minor child into keeping her actions silent, despite the enormous harm she was inflicting on the child physically, emotionally ,and mentally."

The lawsuit says Rusk sexually assaulted, battered, and sodomized D. S. in various Jasper County locations, including on the tailgate of D. S.' pickup.

"D. S. did not have the physical or mental wherewithal to consent to our escape from her advances."

The petition also accuses Rusk's husband, Dan, of "general negligence," claiming he "knew or should have known that his wife was using marital funds to bribe children."

Rusk also had ample evidence of what his wife was doing, the petition says.

"Multiple warning signs of inappropriate behavior by (Janice Rusk) were evident both before and after November 2013, but Dan Rusk turned a blind eye to said signs, choosing instead to enable his wife's sexually inappropriate perversities by permitting her to be alone with D. S.  in her private vehicle. (He) did so despite on one or more occasions witnessing inappropriate conduct between (his wife) and minor boys and in a manner that should have caused him to rescue the children and to report his wife' to the children's parents and/or law enforcement."

The lawsuit also claims that Rusk's husband:

-Did not warn D. S.'s mother of (her) pedophilia

-Chose to ignore warning signs that (she) was not controlling her perversity and pedophilia

-Chose to be inattentive to the safety and well being of children when they were supposed to be in her care

-Chose to enable his wife's perversities rather than insisting that she receive mental health counseling and that she stay away from children, including D. S.

The petition asks for unspecified actual, compensatory, and punitive damages and asks for a jury trial.

The lawsuit was served on Janice Rusk at her present home, the women's prison in Vandalia. She was sentenced to seven years in prison on statutory rape and statutory sodomy charges, but was eligible for release after 120 days after going through a sex offender treatment program.

At the end of the 120-day period, Judge David Dally denied the early release.


Anonymous said...

Our judicial system at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Why are you blaming the judicial system? One of our fine citizens had to file the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

If the husband is to blame, then the mother should be accountable for not protecting her son, too! Why aren't they suing the school of all they want is money?

Anonymous said...

Best I Eva had Hella night

Anonymous said...

The mother didnt know what was going on read the article and you will know it says "Rusk) deceived D. S. mother into believing that she would educate and care for her child while he was in school and after school activities." The husband knew what she was doing so you cant blame the mother if she was being told her child was doing school activities dumb ass.

Randy said...

I have rejected four comments so far because of profanity. If you would like your comments to be published, please clean them up.

Anonymous said...

What did the mother think they were doing?

Anonymous said...

But what activities, specifically?

Anonymous said...

His mother may find out more than she wants to find out if this proceeds. His bragging about it at school and more. He has other behavior that he may not want to be revealed. Mother wants revenge and some money.

Anonymous said...

Where is the victim's father? Does anyone take responsibility for their actions? 16 year-olds stand trial for adult murder , but he's a victim? And she blames Dan?

Anonymous said...

He's not in school so how is he bragging about it?

Anonymous said...

Well ya what 16 year old boy not going to Bragg about sleeping with his teacher. We all know how immature and dumb a teenage boy can be with their hormones. The fact is she was the adult and the teacher and she should have known better. You send your child to school with the faith that they are going to get a education and be safe and around adults who will set a good example for your child. Not sleep with them and bribe them for there silence. That right there tells u she knew what she was doing was wrong. Who's honestly going to question there child being around a school teacher. As far as the husband goes why is he still married to her? Wouldn't u be mad and wanting to get a divorce if u found out your wife was sleeping with her students. Sounds like it wasn't that big of deal to him nor was he surprised about it. Someone got to be held accountable for it. Would it be better if it was the school that they was suing? How would that be fair the school? They was mislead into believing she was a good honest person or they wouldn't have hired her. If they sued the school it would have to close and the whole community would suffer for her actions. The school already had to make cut backs to four days a week because of their budget. So how would u feel if it was your child? And forty something year old woman who was your sons teacher took advantage of a 16 year Old boys hormones and got what she wanted. What mother wouldn't be mad and trying to punish her and who ever else who knew about it in every way she can for sleeping with your son. There was more than one boy so it's not like she made one mistake. Bottom line she was the adult teacher she should have known better. She done more than them boys and the boys parents wrong when she did what she did she done the school,community,family,and friends wrong to especially her son and husband her action upset alot of the one to be mad at for her husband being sued would be her. Her actions caused blame her not the parent.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what she told the parents she's 40 something years old she knew better it's nasty she was a special ed teacher she used the boys (yes more then one) that were suppose to be getting help If this was your son you would not be posting these rude comments now would you? No so quit blaming the parents it's not the boy's parents fault for the nasty old lady taking advantage of boys who were in a class for special needs. If this was a guy teacher he would be in there for the rest of his life she deserves more then she's getting!