Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Kander ad rips Blunt, says Missouri needs a new senator

A new campaign ad released today by Secretary of State Jason Kander, the Democratic candidate for U. S. Senate, criticizes Roy Blunt for raising his salary 12 times, for being in a family filled with lobbyists and not seeing any problems with that, and for being out of touch with Missouri.


Anonymous said...

It's Howdey Doodie time. Maybe Buffalo Bob dropped Roy on his head or something but this guy is certainly not living up to the ethics that Howdey taught all the kids on Saturday mornings. It is a matter of concern when a sitting Congressman appoints his own kid to a Military Academy.

Anonymous said...

If ever there were a time we need term limits in Congress, this is it. The framers of the Constitution didn't intend, nor could they even imagine, being in Congress becoming a lifetime, money-making career. Back then, senators and representatives went to Congress, performed their public service, and then went home and resumed their lives, farming their land or practicing their professions. Blunt has made enough money serving himself instead of the people of Missouri. It's well past the time he should have been sent home.