Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reader: Joplin Globe a much better bargain than the Turner Report

For those who say, I don't give a fair shake to people who disagree with me, I thought I would print this reader comment I received earlier today in response to my post over the weekend in which I described changes that would be taking place on the Turner Report and the Inside Joplin blogs and offered some details of the book Carthage Press Managing Editor John Hacker and I are working on.

The reader is not at all impressed with the work I am doing.

In the post, I noted that you could pay approximately $200 a year to subscribe to the Joplin Globe or $30 a year to subscribe to the Turner Report/Inside Joplin.

So you can either pay $200 a year to have the articles and photographs of more than a dozen professional, objective journalists delivered to your doorstep daily, or you can pay $30 a year to read the slanted ramblings of an ex-teacher with an agenda and no regard for journalistic ethics. 

Put in that context, does it still sound like a bargain?

While I always hate to disagree with a reader, yes, it does.

I would love to receive comments on this one.


Anonymous said...

Please name 6 of these 12+ objective journalists at the Globe. None are objective when they are edited by an Editor and Publisher with obvious favortism. Pro-Rohr, Pro-Woolston, Pro-Speck even after exposed, and you speak of objective as if you know what it means. You should pick your friends better, birds of a feather.

Anonymous said...

Describing the Globe as "professional" and "objective" actually made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

Pound, Finley,Stark


Anonymous said...

I would be interested in hearing this persons definitions of the words "professional" "objective" and "bargain". Evidently they differ from mine! Keep up the good work, Randy!

Anonymous said...

I happened onto a Globe paper the other day. Many years ago I left my subscription lapse as it had gone by the wayside after Simpson. What a paper it used to be and whatever happened to true investigative reporting versus crap about Rangeline restaurants? They, the reporters, are selling their souls for a pension and benefits versus being true news people. Many "professionals" have seen their company change and are not willing to compromise their integrity for comfort. Alas, we have a cadre of reporters that do not, have not, shown the backbone to stand up and say "no more" to the crap of Glob leadership. I am sorry for you and your children to have to see what you are truly made of inside.

Anonymous said...


You must be joking, Pound is only read by 4th graders in Special Ed, Finley is only read by Stark as an appetizer, and Stark is read only by Pound and Finley. It's the circle of life.

Homer Simpson said...

Sometimes people say the dumbest things!

If you don't subscribe to the Glub you won't get all those great advertising stuffers! Where else can a guy get the Monkey Wards sales fliers!


Anonymous said...

@3:22 I'm not the Globe hater that some of you are but Mike Pound?! Mike Pound?! To read his elitist crud masked as folksy, small town wisdom sickens me. I'd like to see him live on his columnists salary instead of that vault of old Elliff money. I've read 8th grade essays that were Hemingway-esque compared to Pound's scratchings. But hey, he is a sleazy Democrat so some of you would give him a pass for that alone.

Anonymous said...

The Globe is a paper? Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Pound is my daily chuckle and I left 4th grade 70 yrs ago. Only requirement for enjoying Pound is a warpo sense of humor that takes you thru life with a light hearted attitude. Turner report fills in the gaping lack of facts in a number of happenings last few yrs..I wouldn't miss it!