Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Prosecutor dropped earlier armed robbery charges against Carthage man

The arrest today of a Carthage man for an armed robbery at 7th and Moffet marks the third time he has been arrested for that crime.

You won't find any record of that in Jasper County Circuit Court, however.

After the first two times Ace Nolan Mohr, 24, was arrested for armed robbery, Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney and soon to be judge Dean Dankelson dropped the charges.

Mohr and two other men were charged with an October 4, 2015, robbery of a man staying at the Guest House Motel in Carthage. Carthage Police alleged that Mohr held the man down on the bed at knife point, while the other two men searched for valuables.

Dankelson dropped the charges after the victim failed to show for a preliminary hearing, even though the prosecuting attorney had a sworn affidavit from a Carthage police officer saying that one of Mohr's accomplices admitted the three men had committed the crime.

Charges were also dropped on an earlier armed robbery. Carthage Police arrested Mohr after he allegedly opened the front passenger door of a car at the Sonic Drive-In on November 22, 2013, slid in beside the driver and robbed him at gunpoint.

Area court dockets are filled with charges against Mohr that have not been dropped,  most of them still pending, involving his alleged possession and trafficking in drugs, including heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

At the same time Joplin Police say Mohr and Steven G. Prall, 25, Joplin, were robbing a man at 7th and Moffet, Mohr was awaiting trial on seven felony charges.

Webb City Police Arrest July 19

Webb City Police arrested Mohr July 19, at 1212 Madison after responding to a trespassing call.

"Just prior to putting handcuffs on him, I saw him reach into his right pocket and throw a small white object," Officer Alex Bickett wrote in the probable cause statement. "I heard it hit another object and roll across the ground."

The object turned out to be crystal meth, Bickett said. Another officer found marijuana in a container on Mohr's key chain, the statement indicates.

Jasper County Sheriff's Office Arrest April 27

The Jasper County Sheriff's Office had Mohr's home under surveillance April 27 when Carthage Police Detective Chad Allison and Jasper County Detective Ed Bailey saw a Dodge minivan pull into the driveway, according to Bailey's probable cause statement.

As we exited the vehicle and identified ourselves as police, Mohr exited the van and began to run around the front of (it). As Mohr moved, I saw him throw two syringes to the ground at the front of the van, along with his keys.

When asked if he had any other syringes, Mohr replied, "No, only those two."

During a search of Mohr's person after he was detained, Allison located a portion of a pill wrapped in foil paper in a package of cigarettes found in Mohr's right front pants pocket. When asked what it was, Mohr said, "It's a Dilaudid. Mohr admitted to using Dilaudid intravenously.

Mohr was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Jasper County Sheriff's Office January 29, 2015

Mohr sold heroin at his Carthage home in front of a small child on January 29, 2015, according to a probable cause statement by Bailey.

The purchase was made by a "cooperating individual,"

"I request the identity of the cooperating individual remain confidential as revealing his/her identity could jeopardize his/her safety and destroy his/her usefulness in future investigations," Bailey wrote.

Carthage Police Department February 16, 2015

Carthage Police arrested Mohr for driving while intoxicated February 16, 2015, and then found drugs on him while he was being booked, according to the probable cause statement from Officer Justin Butler.

While handcuffed to a bench in the booking room, Mohr removed a plastic baggie containing 138 grams of cocaine from his right shoe. I seized the substance from his person.

While speaking to Mohr, I discovered a plastic baggie containing two grams of methamphetamine inside his mouth under his tongue. After discovering the meth, I removed Mohr's left sock and located two more plastic baggies containing 60 Alprazolan, schedule four pills and one unknown blue pill.

The probable cause statement noted that Mohr had been arrested September 22, 2013, for possession of a controlled substance, though no trace of that case appears to exist in court records.

Court dates

October 31 hearings are scheduled before Judge John Nicholas in Jasper County Circuit Court on the Webb City possession charge and the January 29, 2015 distributing heroin charge.

The next hearing on the three charges of distributing controlled substances filed in connection with the April 27 arrest and the December 30 possession charge are scheduled for September 19 before Judge David Dally.

Mohr has been able to post surety bonds for amounts as high as $20,000.

Court records indicate Mohr is represented by Joplin attorney Phil Glades.


Anonymous said...

Who is this guy related to?

Anonymous said...

Turner, are you not afraid of anybody? You've taken on Dankelson, Huff, Woolston, Ron Richard and nearly all of the rich and powerful in Joplin. I am sending in my subscription. Keep on doing what the Globe won't do.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know this guy at all, but I can already tell he's a snitch. Nobody catches that many charges, and is not locked up in prison.

Anonymous said...

All named are too lazy to do anything about it and feel they have no duty of an explanation as to why Jasper County is a crooked, worthless, gold mine for some and a pile of crap for the rest of us.

catch and release program said...

wasn't this guy released on $500 bond for one of the referenced charges?

Anonymous said...

The previous comment someone posted "why is this guy not in PRISON" He has way too many charges either pending or dropped.. Lock this guy up and get him off the streets or else it maybe your family member he robs or hurts next time.. Give this guy some time and let him think about all he has done to people....

Anonymous said...

WELL LOL----this boy has never been told no all his life. He didnt like school so his mom didnt make him go----SO SHE HOME SCHOOLED HIM!!!!!!!. His momma spent a fortune on bonds and lawyers and ive heard she is too ill and broke to do it any more. hes lived a life without rules or consequense--TIME TO PAY UP ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dusty Roads said...

One thing can be learned from the article... if you find yourself in trouble you better call Phil Glades the best in town

Anonymous said...

They can't lock him up...he's too useful to them.

Anonymous said...

Sure would like to know why the PA has charged Prall and has allowed Ace Mohr to walk out of jail AGAIN. I hope everyone remembers this when someone else is robbed, is killed or overdoses because of Mr. Mohr. Ironic that on National Drug Awareness Day that one of the biggest dealers in our county is back out walking the street. I wish I was shocked.

Anonymous said...

And why are you people surprised? Money=freedom...I have 5 dwi arrest....still have a license....lawyers are key. Play your cards right....you will always come out on top...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Really so money=freedom wow that's something to brag about having 5 dwi and still have a license.

Anonymous said...

our buddy Ace got married. His bride is expecting. I guarantee he did this so when he goes to court (IF he goes to court) in February, he'll look like a changed, stand up guy. Or he doesn't want her to testify against him. Either way, the fact that he's able to go about his life just burns me up.