Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blunt, LaPierre say Trump 2nd Amendment remark was about voting mobilization

Donald Trump was not advocating that people assassinate Hillary Clinton when he made his infamous reference to Second Amendment people during a recent speech in Wilmington, N. C.

But the idea that he and his supporters are pushing- that he was referring to Second Amendment absolutists mobilizing and voting to retain their constitutional rights borders on the ridiculous.

The words he spoke, which have been replayed over and over this week are bad enough. Referring to the kind of Supreme Court justices Hillary Clinton would appoint if she were elected, Trump indicated that people who support gun rights would be out of luck.

"Although with the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know."

No words he said before or after he uttered that phrase gave any indication Trump was urging people to get out the vote.

That's the spin Sen. Roy Blunt put on it during a campaign stop with NRA leader Wayne LaPierre today in Columbia. In the accompanying video from the Columbia Tribune, veteran reporter Rudi Keller asks Blunt about Trump's remark.

"I assume he meant by voting," Blunt said, moving quickly to get away from Keller so he would not have to answer any more Trump questions. Blunt has been trying to have his cake and eat it, too, by supporting Blunt, but trying to steer clear of Trump's outrageous comments.




Anonymous said...

We shouldn't need a code breaker for someone wanting to be President.

Anonymous said...

These Republicans that support Trump know better, he's a loose cannon. I can not believe they are so set on being a Republican they would back this nut. Wake up!!

Anonymous said...

I have a lot more respect for the Republicans who call Trump on his bullsh*t. Obviously, Blunt isn't one of them. He apparently didn't get the memo that Trump is hurting the down-ballot Republicans in Missouri instead of helping them.

Anonymous said...

Trump's supporters and surrogates have been working really, really hard spinning his remarks this week to convince me I didn't hear what I clearly heard him say--and it had nothing to do with turning out the vote before the election. Rudy Giuliani, especially, has twisted himself into a giant pretzel trying to get that job done, and with no more success than the other Trump "explainers." It's ironic that these people have to keep translating what Trump REALLY meant to say, when Trump's fans contend that they like him because he says what he means. But there's obviously no place for logic in this.

Trump will say whatever outrageous thing it takes to fire up his crowds and elicit their approval--immediate gratification/ego feed. He is compelled to keep the spotlight on himself and be the center of attention at all times. He can't control himself and stay on a campaign message. He can't NOT DO what he is compelled to do, so a whole lot of Republicans are continually having to jump into action to clean up the chaos he creates. Trump is not a rational, well balanced personality. That makes him dangerous as a presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

Trump 2016!

Anonymous said...

Blunt is and has been an embarrassment to our state for years. He stands for nothing but himself!

Anonymous said...

The only issue Blunt has left to run on is Second Amendment rights and his opponent is just as staunch on Second Amendment rights as Blunt is. It seems like every issue Blunt used to run on, such as family values and bought and paid for politicians, he blew off long ago. When the Members of Congress vote Roy Blunt the most "corrupt" member in either house, then maybe the people in Missouri should listen to them.