Monday, August 15, 2016

Joplin shooting victim upgraded from critical to stable

This afternoon, the Joplin Police Department issued the following news release concerning Saturday morning's shooting spree:

-The adult male shooting victim from the Immanuel Lutheran Church van, Kenneth Eby, has been upgraded from critical to stable condition.

-The suspect (Tom Mourning Jr., 26, Joplin) and his dad were the only two in the residence at 1810 S Connecticut at the time of the initial shooting.

We confirmed that shots were fired inside the residence by the suspect. The dad fled the residence on foot to Casey’s at 20th and Connecticut where dispatch was called. There were no injuries at the residence.

-There is no information at this time to indicate that any of the shooting victims were specifically targeted.

More information about the shooting can be found at this Turner Report link from earlier today.

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