Monday, August 08, 2016

Greitens, taking leaf from Trump playbook, attacks Koster

The latest message from the Eric Greitens campaign puts a quick end to any thoughts that we might have a kinder, gentler governor's race this fall.

Greitens, who defeated John Brunner, Peter Kinder, and Catherine Hanaway for the Republican nomination, issued a news release Sunday that described the horrible things his general election opponent, Attorney General Chris Koster has done to Missouri.

Greitens starts off by saying Koster is a corrupt career politician, which is the type of accusation we have come to expect in these races and that he represents "the status quo and the good-old-boy political establishment."

Those attacks are fair game, if a bit predictable.

Drawing on the inspiration of Donald Trump, who has attempted to marginalize his opponents with nicknames like "Crooked Hillary," "Little Marco," and "Lyin' Ted," Greitens has even tagged Koster with a nickname- "Corrupt Chris."

It has alliteration going for it.

My favorite part of the message, however, is the following accusation:

Under Chris Koster, Missourians are hurting because jobs are leaving and paychecks aren't growing, kids aren't getting a quality education, and our neighborhoods are less safe.

Note to Eric Greitens- Chris Koster is attorney general, not governor.. How is he responsible for education, jobs, and safety in our neighborhoods?

The complete message is printed below:

After a resounding victory in what, by every measure, was a bruising four-way primary, Eric Greitens is in very strong position heading into the general election campaign. The most recent public poll has the race neck-and-neck, with Chris Koster at 45% and Eric at 43% -- a statistical tie.
Missouri Scout weekly statewide poll, August 7th.

This is despite the fact that Eric has been pounded for weeks on TV with false negative ads from his primary opponents and the Koster campaign. Chris has barely had a glove laid on him. To put Koster’s weak position in comparison, Governor Nixon was up by 11 points at this point in 2012.

Our campaign is in the strongest possible position going into the general election, and Chris Koster knows it. That’s why he spent more than $1 million trying to hijack the Republican primary to defeat us. He knows he will lose to Eric in November.

Defining The Real Chris Koster (Corrupt Chris)

While no one has laid a glove on Koster yet, that is changing. Big time. For the first time ever, his failures as a career politician are being exposed. This is the first real fight he has ever been in, and it’s just beginning. Missourians across the state will soon meet the real Chris Koster:
Koster is a corrupt and failed career politician who has spent decades in office.
He represents the status quo and the good-ole-boy political establishment.
Under Chris Koster, Missourians are hurting because jobs are leaving and paychecks aren't growing, kids aren't getting a quality education, and our neighborhoods are less safe.

On top of all of this, Koster is completely out-of-touch with real Missourians. He’s become an apologist for career politicians and a cheerleader for the failures of the status quo.

The Choice

The choice for voters this election could not be more clear. Here is the match-up:

Eric Greitens, a decorated Navy SEAL who has dedicated his life to serving his nation and serving others. Eric is a conservative outsider who will take on the failed status quo and bring real change to Missouri.


Chris Koster, a corrupt career politician who has been in office more than 20 years. Koster not only represents the status quo, he actually defends the status quo. With Koster, Missourians will get more of the same in Jefferson City.

Let me be clear: that’s a fight we welcome any day of the week, and one we will certainly win.

The Campaign Ahead

Our campaign will be about turning Missouri around after the failures of the past. We will wage a positive, solutions-based campaign focused on:
Growing jobs and raising wages
Making sure every child in every zip-code in Missouri gets a quality education
Making Missouri cities and neighborhoods safe
Protecting the rights and liberties of every Missourian – including our right to keep and bear arms

Eric Greitens has never run for political office. Instead, he has spent his life serving others and bringing people together behind a common mission. As a humanitarian, as a Navy SEAL, as an educator, and as the founder and CEO of the Mission Continues, Eric has always put other people first.

We’re in a strong position to win on November 8th, and when we do, honor and dignity will be restored in the Governor’s mansion. The people of Missouri will finally once again have a government they can be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Just wait until the news about Greitens breaks. It will be a career ender. Just remember that you heard it was coming.

John said...

Greitens frightens me more than Trump because if he is elected, he will have a legislative supermajority.

Greitens is a jew that took money from a pervert said...

Greitens is a Jew who wasn't a real Navy SEAL who took money from a Silicon Valley pervert with an underage white female sex-slave. The GOP losers, especially Brunner and Hanaway kept on telling Greitens to give back the "dirty money" and Greitens refused.

The Missouri Democrats have a history of using their greater party discipline to choose their favorite in the primary without fuss, then getting their surplus primary voters to vote for the Republican they want to face in the general election. Carnahan voters did this in 1992 after Roy Blunt alleged, correctly, that William Webster was stealing from the workmen's compensation fund, and so Carnahan got two terms for governor. In 2012 Claire McCaskill got their most reactionary Republican Candidate chosen, Todd Akin, decent man, who proceeded to win the Republican primary over Sarah Steelman, and then lose in the general election.

Chris Koster has done a competent job of executing pretty much everyone whose appeals were over on death row, especially Joe Paul Franklin the white supremacist shooter, and as a result will doubtless beat Eric Greitens, who is down by the disenchanted Republican voters.

There is a reason who the Democrats have consistently won pretty much all of the statewide offices while the state legislature is super-majority Republican. This is because the Republicans are crooks or fools or both and the Democrats at least know how to "move right" during the general election after not having to tack left in order to win their primary.

Carnahan won in 1992 and 1996 and even though dead in 2000. Jay Nixon won in 2008 and 2012. Chris Koster will win in 2016. All the Democrats need to do is shut up and look competent because Republicans can do neither.

Missouri is a bellwether state.

Anonymous said...

This is the year that we finally get rid of Blunt, and it is well past due. I wish we could be as confident about getting rid of Billy Long, but that guy is well bought and the issue is in doubt.

Anonymous said...

Greitens is another Sham Brownquack.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing about Billy Long is that he doesn't get much of anything done in Washington DC.

The best thing about Billy Long is that he doesn't get much of anything done in Washington DC.