Thursday, August 18, 2016

Judge Dally to former Joplin master developer: You still owe $1.5 million

Judge David Dally today rejected former Joplin master developer Costa Bajjali's request to set aside the $1.5 million judgment Judge Gayle Crane awarded the City of Joplin May 13, 2015, against Bajjali[s former business Wallace Bajjali Development Partners.

Wallace and Bajjali failed to appear for that trial. A month later, Joplin attorney William Fleischaker, representing Bajjali, filed a motion for a new trial, saying his client had not received notice.

Crane rejected the motion.

Fleischaker then filed a motion to set aside the judgment, again claiming Bajjali had not received sufficient evidence.

Dally wasn't buying the argument.

"It appears to the court that this is an attempt by the defendant to take one more bite out of the same apple," Dally wrote in his opinion.

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Anonymous said...

These crooks love taking other people's money, yet when they have to pay up they crawl to bankruptcy or file frivolous motions. Jerks!