Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Huff website features testimonials from Obama, Rob O'Brian, and Marilyn Monroe

The new C. J. Huff website, advertising his services as a speaker and an educational consultant, appears to be nearing completion.

The website includes testimonials from President Barack Obama, taken from his speech at the 2012 Joplin High School graduation, former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who praises Huff's "toughness," Carl Junction Superintendent Phil Cook, who is proud to call Huff his friend, and Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rob O'Brian, who says, "I am proud to support this fine man in any endeavor."

Testimonials are also featured from a number of Springfield school officials, including former Weller Elementary Principal Marilyn Monroe (You really didn't think it was the same one, did you?), who was an assistant principal under Huff and praises him as her mentor.

The website also offers a downloadable speaker's packet and will soon feature complete speeches, soundbites, and samples.


Anonymous said...

It's never fun to throw up in your mouth a little. (Or a lot for that matter)

Anonymous said...

I guess it really was all about the children of R-8.

Concerned citizen said...

Rob O'Brian is the spokesman for the out of sight ,"let Rob do it", elite of Joplin.Those folks still love CJ. Watch out or we will get another one like Huff..Joplin's elite enjoy pretense.

Anonymous said...

Any clown can develop a website.

Apparently, one did.

Anonymous said...

A main characteristic of a sociopath is the ability to mimic emotions in order manipulate others for personal power. Look it up. I cannot diagnose this person...just sayin'