Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Joplin R-8 proposal calls for $45 an hour graphic designer

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education rejected a $50 an hour graphic designer proposal at its August 9 meeting and told Director of Communications Kelli Price to come back with something better.

That proposal will be discussed when the board meets 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Memorial Education Building.

Instead of $50, the new proposal calls for graphic designer Christina Williams, who until June was employed by the school district as a graphic designer at $38,000 a year, to receive $45 per hour. The rejected proposal also called for a cap of $18,000 on graphic design services. That has been lowered to $16,200.

This is the first time in years that the district has had to go to an outside agency for graphic design services. The full-time position was one eliminated from the budget this year.

In her latest proposal, Price vigorously defends the need for a graphic designer:

Joplin Schools has used graphic design services for the past several years to create professional materials for the district and schools that improve stakeholder communication and increase stakeholder engagement and support of the classroom.

Materials include website and social media graphics, JET HD television graphics, annual reports, student handbooks, program guides, school brochures, infographics and communications campaigns for district and school events, programs and initiatives, such as staff recognition, kindergarten registration, open houses, and school fairs.

Several upcoming projects would benefit from professional graphic design including a campaign to raise stakeholder awareness regarding the strategic plan, a parent and teacher resource guide highlighting readiness indicators, building student handbook updates, a state-of-the-district mailer to parents and taxpayers, and infographics regarding budget, financial data, and achievement data.

At the August 9 meeting, Price told the board that graphics are vital because information needs to be "simple and easy for stakeholders to understand."


Anonymous said...

Price thinks patrons of the R8 are idiots who need pie charts and graphs to understand simple statistics.

Fire her now.

Anonymous said...

This is the only district that I see that if something fails they repackage it and try again and if that fails they repackage that so on and so one......Did they (who keep resubmitting this stuff) understand the meaning of NO?

Apparently NOT1

Anonymous said...

Let the class envy triggering, from the "no one should make more money than teachers" crowd, begin!
Maybe they should not have cut out the original GD they had on payroll. I see no difference between Normie and CJ. Plus, 4/7 sometimes 5/7 of this Board are over-reactionary partisans that are going to end up doing more harm than CJ could have ever dreamed of. Hornswaggled and bamboozled were the poor voters of R-8.

Anonymous said...

Should have kept the graphics person and dumped Price.