Monday, September 19, 2016

Joplin city manager provides weekly update

(City Manager Sam Anselm provided the following update to Joplin City Council Friday.)

Good afternoon, everyone. Please see below for this week’s update.

Key Meetings

-This week was once again light on meetings with outside agencies. Work continues on the budget for next fiscal year.


-The most recent update from public works can be found here. In addition to these items, a few other mentions:

-The MoDOT MOVES program, which includes our applications for funding both the Connecticut bridge over I-44 and the widening of St. Louis Avenue, has been put on hold due to budget cuts announced by the governor’s office late this week.

-However, we have received notice from MoDOT that they have approved three city projects under their 50/50 cost share program, which will allow for intersection improvements at 32nd & Connecticut, 32nd & Indiana, and 32nd & Main. The city’s share of the costs for these improvements will come from our Capital Improvement Sales Tax program, approved by voters in 2014.

-You may recall an earlier conversation about the infrastructure grant we received from FEMA to repair streets & alleys, sidewalks, catch basins and curbs & gutters within the area affected by the 2011 tornado. Recently we were granted an extension by FEMA to spend those funds by November 8, 2017. However, the work must be coordinated with the CDBG-DR funding to ensure there is no duplication of benefit, as there is an overlap in the areas where FEMA funds and CDBG-DR funds can and will be used.

-The FEMA work that will take place outside of the CDBG-DR zone should be completed by the deadline of November 2017, which represents approximately $2.2 million of the total FEMA grant. o However, the remaining estimated $750,000 of FEMA work within the CDBGDR zone must be coordinated with the -DR plan to ensure that work done using FEMA funds isn’t completed, and then torn out or damaged in order to complete the -DR projects. So, there is a good chance that the FEMA work within the CDBG-DR zone will not be completed until 2019, which would require us to ask FEMA for an extension of the grant. If FEMA denies the extension, we will have to use TST funds to cover the repairs. I will keep you posted as we make progress under the FEMA grant, and as we approach the November, 2017 deadline.

-On Tuesday of this week, the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight met and approved our request to rename a portion of Missouri 249, between I-44 and the Zora exit, after former Governor Warren Hearnes. Signs are being ordered and we can expect delivery and installation within 6-12 weeks. Staff will be working on scheduling a dedication ceremony, and once the date is confirmed we will let you know.

 In the Pipeline

-Just a reminder that our next budget work session is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20th, where we will review the Issues & Options information handed out to you this past Monday night.


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Another impressive report

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I agree....the ability to cut and paste is impressive.

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Perhaps if you hadn't been so gleeful at the prospect of getting in a cheap shot at me, you might have realized the first comment was complimenting Sam Anselm, not me.

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I detected some sarcasm in the first comment.

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There's nothing impressive about this report

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