Tuesday, November 01, 2016

ACLU: Amendment 3 would destroy guarantee of religious freedom

No on Amendment 3

(From American Civil Liberties Union Missouri)

In one week, Missourians will be taking a stand for or against religious freedom, whether they know it or not.

Amendment 3 is a deceptive ballot initiative. It calls for a tobacco tax to fund early childhood education programs. However, buried in the complicated language is one dangerous clause that would destroy the guarantee of religious freedom for all Missourians.

Missourians deserve to know when their rights are at stake.

Sacrificing the cornerstones of our democracy and undermining the constitutional protections of our citizens is not the way to fund the future of Missouri's children.

We ask you to reject Amendment 3 and its deceptive ploy to dismantle our religious freedom.

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Anonymous said...

This claim is a false contradiction. Amendment 3 doesn't fund anything for religious purposes. If anything, it would limit the religious discrimination currently embedded in the MO Constitution.
The problem that the ACLU really has with this is that it wants to completely remove religious organizations from providing services that compete with government programs.
Their other concern is that it would not allow funding from this program to go to abortion providers. See section 54(b)2 of the amendment proposal at the Secretary of State's website: http://www.sos.mo.gov/cmsimages/Elections/Petitions/2016-152.pdf.
If the ACLU were being honest here, they'd point you to the text.