Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kander: The campaign is over, but we have work to do

(The Jason Kander campaign sent the following e-mail today.)

This is the email where I’m supposed to thank you for all you’ve done for me, tell you how much it meant to me, and then say my goodbyes and wish you luck on your journey. I’m supposed to say something like, “Perhaps our paths will cross again.”

But that’s not how I roll. Of course, I am thankful to you and I’m forever grateful for this experience. But why wouldn’t I be? Let’s talk about something important.

We’re all disappointed about Tuesday night’s results. We lost an election. In fact, we – the Democrats – lost a whole mess of elections on Tuesday.

But please know that I’m going to be fine. My wife is gorgeous and brilliant, and my son True is my best little buddy in the world. We are not the people who will be hurt by these election results. So please don’t spend any time being sad for me. If you’re going to be sad for someone, make it the single mom who has cancer and is scared to death about being unable to keep her insurance to continue treatments without Obamacare. Worry about the undocumented student who has only ever known this country and is worried about what happens to her now. Worry about the minimum wage worker trying to stretch $30 into a full grocery trip. Let your heart go out to the college student saddled with enormous debt and unable to get help from a parent whose own graduate degree has forced him into bankruptcy.

I met each of those people, in real life, during this campaign. And it fueled me the whole way. But here’s the thing, that fuel is still in my tank. Why? I love this country and I won’t let losing an election force me away from the process.

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Yes, Donald Trump is going to be President and the Republicans control the House and the Senate, but I need that to double your resolve, not cause you to give up on our politics.

Be proud of the campaign we ran. In a “red” state that Donald Trump won by 19%, we came within 3% of turning the Senate seat blue. And we didn’t do it by hugging the middle and pretending to be moderate Republicans.

I wouldn’t change a single day on this campaign. I’m proud that we took on some of the biggest names in Republican politics and darn near shocked the world. We fought for smart environmental policies, for unions, for LGBT equality, for commonsense gun safety, and a host of other important causes. I’m proud that we didn’t back down and that we demonstrated that the most important thing Democrats can do is make their argument.

If you were a part of this campaign in even the smallest way, you might feel like stepping away from it all to lick your wounds. Maybe you think you’re done with volunteering or donating or even believing in anything changing. Well, you won’t get a pass from me. Staying engaged has become more important than ever.

And this is the time to maintain that engagement. A new generation is stepping forward in America. Don’t let anyone tell you that this generation is selfish. This is a generation that cares more about ideas than ideology and measures patriotism not by a politician’s eagerness to go to war but by their willingness to do what’s right no matter the political cost. And this generation knows better than to let any politician – even a President – tell them that a changing country is a declining country.

I don’t know what I’m going to do next or even whether I’ll ever place my name on a ballot again, but I know I’m not leaving this cause behind. To truly care about this country is to demonstrate that you care about her politics the same when you’re winning as when you’re losing.

America needs you now more than ever. So don’t quit! This generation is patriotic, creative, selfless, and – most importantly – numerous. My campaign might no longer be the vehicle for your activism, but that doesn’t mean you’re excused from standing up and making your voice heard.

Take some time off...

Ok, was that enough time?

We have work to do. You in?


Anonymous said...

All of the woes Kander enumerates are caused by a federal government that doesn't care how its policies actually affect the average American. Let's hope that the clear change in direction the citizenry has chosen will result in changes that will provide true relief for the downtrodden masses that Kander describes.

Anonymous said...

Blunt would have been defeated if you were middle of the road. Learn from your mistakes.

Anonymous said...

The Kansas economic miracle is coming to Missouri in 2017!

Also coming to Michigan and Illinois and Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Anti-union leaders who don't pay their workers don't care about the down trodden masses. They care about lining their own pockets. That's why Humphreys spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get Greitens elected. He won't have to pay higher wages.

Your school systems are going to be pummeled. As Turner reported here, in addition to Humphreys, the Greiten coating received huge donations from companies out of state that run charter schools. Charter schools and vouchers destroy public schools. You will reap what you have sown. Unfortunately, we will all go down together.

Anonymous said...

Most people around here are not disappointed at all.