Monday, November 28, 2016

Former Globe editor: Trump election shows country needs good investigative journalism

The media has come in for a beating during the 2016 election and has been placed in a precarious position, but former Joplin Globe Editor Edgar Simpson sees reporters' trials and tribulations as an opportunity.

Simpson, now a professor at Central Michigan University, told the university's newspaper, Central Michigan Life, that Trump created problems for the media from the outset:

“The media would repeatedly cover Trump as if his positions were a real thing, then find (a source) that says Trump’s positions were not a real thing,” he said. “What it does is it leads the audience into thinking there is a legitimate debate. No, there never was a debate. Nobody ever thought Trump could physically move 11 million people or ban a religion, but yet the media made it seem that way.”

Since then, Trump has made a point of attacking the media and covering his administration creates problems for reporters, Simpson said.

Moving forward, Simpson said the media may struggle to maintain credibility during a Trump presidency, but will also have a great opportunity to serve a vital role as a watchdog.

“As much as journalism is in danger right now, it’s also a massive opportunity to prove, as it has several times in the past, that it is needed, it is essential and there is no way forward without good, penetrating, investigative journalism. That’s what this country needs right now.”


Anonymous said...

Edgar and Dan set the wheels in motion and ruined the Joplin Globe


Like "The Simp" was ever much of a journalist said...

"The Simp" was nothing other than a lap-dog of the Joplin powers-that-be when he was [mis]leading the Glob.

Most of us former readers know that "objective" reporting by you swine is a myth. Whatever Hillary wanted to do was fine -- whatever Trump wanted to do was the end of civilization. So whenever The Donald said something outrageous and you lying fools bitched we thought it was hilarious. The end result was just as Hillary could do no wrong with you clowns, so too whatever Trump promised -- like deporting 11-50 million Mexicans and building a wall, and putting up a tariff wall and no more wars in the Middle East -- was fine by us.

You hated Trump. We hate you. So we voted for someone you lying fools hated knowing that whatever you liars hated was what we wanted and was bound to like a lot.

Way back when pretty much everyone got tired of reading the lies of the press. Why pay good money to be lied to? Everyone has Internet access and goes to blogs that cater to their individual prejudices. Which is why "The Simp" might as well be teaching how to make buggy-whips or horseshoes. There simply no longer is a mass-market for what "The Simp" wants to teach to a new generation of lying idiots.

Trump went over the heads of you lying idiots and directly tweeted to his audience -- and we listened and acted.

Turner and his blog actually has parity with the Joplin Glob. Both nothing but mostly lying blogs run by hacks.

Anonymous said...

Is 8:44 the same guy that got banned for life by an airline for his Trump rants.

Steve Holmes said...

Where has Randy lied, 8:44. Five examples.

Anonymous said...

More likely that 8:44 has been banned for life by Greyhound.

Unknown said...

Newspapers are dinosaurs going broke!!

Social Media is where it's at. Obama used a little bit; but Trump was and us mastrerful!!

Add to this the chronic prevarication and dishonesty of liberal traditional media; and they will continue to go where they belong -- down the toilet!
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

@ 8:44 and Harvey, Well said! I couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Harvey, all the fake news you could want. All the unfounded rumors you could want. Social Media sure is where it's at. Especially if you don't want the truth or facts or evidence. Social Media fantasy land is where it's at. Have fun riding on Breitbart's roller coaster or Drudge's merry go round or the Onion's slip-n-slide.