Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Second Joplin R-8 finalist is one-time Neosho superintendent

Dr. Gary Quinn, superintendent of the Bartlesville, Oklahoma school district for the past 17 years is the second finalist for the Joplin R-8 superintendent post.

Quinn will be in Joplin all day today, touring district facilities, meeting with staff and then later meeting in closed session with the Board of Education.

The school district released the following biography:

Dr. Gary W. Quinn is an experienced educator and long-time veteran school superintendent.

With over 39 years of full-time work in the field of education, he continues his passion for providing the best possible learning environment for children. Dr. Quinn completed his 17th year of serving as superintendent of schools for the Bartlesville Public School District in Bartlesville, OK. He is tied for the longest serving superintendent in Bartlesville’s history.

Prior to serving as superintendent in Bartlesville, Dr. Quinn was the superintendent for the Neosho R-V School District in Southwest Missouri.

During Dr. Quinn’s 39-year career in education he has served as a teacher, coach, Assistant Professor at colleges, Assistant Dean of Students at a college, an Adjunct Graduate College Instructor,Assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent. Dr. Quinn earned his bachelor's of science degree in education and his master's of education degree in secondary education administration from the University of Central Oklahoma. He earned his doctorate of education degree in educational administration from Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Quinn is active in numerous community and professional organizations including Rotary International, the American Association of School Administrators, the Oklahoma Association of School Administrators and the Cooperative Council of School Administrators. Rotary International honored Dr. Quinn as a Paul Harris Fellow. He is a former member of the Bartlesville Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors as well. During Quinn's leadership in Bartlesville, there were numerous successes. One of the most visible is the improved facilities.

During Dr. Quinn's tenure, the community passed five successful bond issues amounting to over $115,000,000. During this time, almost every school site was significantly renovated or expanded. This includes the most recent Freshman Academy addition at Bartlesville High School and the renovation at venerable Central Middle School. He has overseen Bartlesville High School expand into a four-year school site.

During the past seventeen years, the school district developed an increased focus on improving student achievement by improving instruction. The academic plan assisted the district to be an extremely high-performing school district. The district’s A-F grades and the state's previous Academic Performance Index (API) indicate that the school district scores among the top in the state. As a result of this success,

Dr. Quinn has had a book published on improving student achievement and has presented at numerous state and national conferences. During Dr. Quinn’s tenure the district incorporated several initiatives including expanding to full-day kindergarten and Pre-K. In addition, the school district became the only Great Expectations Model District in the nation. He and his wife Julia are the proud parents of three adult sons.


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting and promising. I wouldn't mind the other too much if that law suit was already settled. Maybe she should've sent the band teacher home on leave during the investigation? This guy as a strong record, though. They kept him a long time.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Moss seems shady as hell (Huffite type behavior). But this is the best we are going to get. No decent Super. would agree to run someone else's "Glorious Five Year Plan". These are both people who want out of their current jobs for reasons that we don't need/want here. NICE JOB BOE and OVERPAID SEARCH FIRM!

Anonymous said...

@7:47AM. She did send the band teacher home during the investigation. He was never left alone with another student in Harrison. This guy was there a long time so why did he "retire" and why is he looking for a job now?

Randy said...

This is nothing unusual. When his retirement goes into effect, he can collect a full pension in Oklahoma and still be able to work in another state.And the job here pays more than $30,000 more a year than he was making in Oklahoma. I will post more information later today.

Anonymous said...

The only negative on being from Bartlesville is that's where Bud Sexton and his sister were from.
Bartlesville has some good things going on instructionally.

Anonymous said...

Do the math folks......He is 62-63 years of age. It's all about double dipping for retirement. If he gets hired, before you know it, the sitting Joplin BOE will be doing this ALL again!! UGH!!

Concerned citizen said...

Does he have the fire in his belly to do the job...his Missouri retirement would get a huge boost...the Board has 2 candidates that far exceed the skills and experience of good old CJ...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure about our choices this morning, but I think now either will be okay. At any rate, we need to give the one chosen a chance to shopw what they can do. It's up to the public to stay involved and informed.

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned about some medical issues he's had in the past. At one point he was even on medical leave.

Quinn said the current budget crisis is not why he made the decision to retire. "It’s just the right time," Quinn said. "Our boys are all graduated out of college and I want to be able to spend some time with my two grandchildren. I’ve also had some challenges with my health over the last few years that I need to address. Others have said you kind of know when it is time, and we knew this was the right moment."


Anonymous said...