Sunday, November 06, 2016

Links posted for week's top posts on Turner Report/Inside Joplin

Since I started the Inside Joplin Obituaries blog three years ago this month, I have had the privilege of posting more than 4,000 life stories of people who live in or who are connected to the Joplin area.

I can't recall any week when there have been more people who were prominent in the community who have passed on.

Joplin has seen the passing of Courtney Dermott, who dedicated much of her life to improving her community and was well known for her work at the Joplin Public Library and as a member of the Library Board.

Toward the end of the week, we learned of the death of long time Joplin City Planner Dick Largen, whose work helped create many of the improvements we take for granted.

Lamar businessman Dean Blaser, teacher and advocate for the disabled Melissa Meinhardt, former Joplin police officer Don Stone, medical researcher Heidi Anderson, and other obituaries drew much attention this week on the blog.

The continued legal problems of the Joplin R-8 School District were featured in three of the Top 10 posts for the Turner Report, but the top posts involved the federal grand jury indictment of Jasper County residents on child pornography charges and a Springfield businessman's statement that a deal that would have the City of Springfield sending its municipal prisoners to Joplin could result in the homeless, the indigent, and the mentally ill roaming the streets of Joplin.

The Turner Report

1. Federal grand jury indicts four Jasper County residents on child pornography charges

2. Springfield businessman: Proposal will leave homeless, indigent, mentally ill roaming the streets of Joplin

3. Trial date set for another Joplin R-8 Huff era million dollar lawsuit

4. Mike Huckabey among three indicted for drug conspiracy

5. Draining the swamp: Why I support the current Joplin R-8 Board of Education

6. Koch: Joplin R-8 still above 10 percent in reserves after P1 settlement

7. U. S. attorney announces six southwest Missouri child porn indictments

8. Federal court judge officially dismisses P1 lawsuit

9. Video- Complete lieutenant governor debate- Parson vs. Carnahan

10. Greitens refuses to answer questions about book deal, charity salary

Inside Joplin

1. SWAT team captures Joplin felon after six-hour standoff at Motel 6

2. Sheriff's report: Joplin man died of self-inflicted gunshot wound

3. Jasper Police, drug enforcement team execute search, make arrest

4. Carl Junction man, Jasper residents injured in head on collision

5. Alba man injured in accident on 43 and Gum Road

6. Jasper Police: Make sure to report any clowns

7. Jasper County Marriage Licenses

8. Jasper County Sheriff's Office Arrests

9. Jasper County Dissolutions of Marriage

10, Joplin Police Department Weekend Arrests

Inside Joplin Obituaries

1. Courtney Dermott

2. Melissa Meinhardt

3. Heidi Anderson

4. Scott Wolfe

5. Dick Largent

6. Susan Cook

7. Don Stone

8. Jack Bemis

9. Dean Blaser

10. Linda Ricke

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