Thursday, June 15, 2017

Back on the streets: Ace Mohr released on his own recognizance

Five weeks after his bond was revoked, Ace Mohr, 24, Carthage, is back on the streets.

According to online Jasper County Circuit Court records, Mohr was released today on his own recognizance, three days after Judge David Mouton approved a bond reduction despite the objections of the Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's office.

In his bond reduction motion, Mohr's attorney, Jonathan Pierce, offered only one argument- "The defendant desires to seek treatment."

Mouton stipulated that Mohr has to attend "The Road," a substance abuse program and must enroll by June 22.

This marks the second time Mohr has been released after promising to enter drug rehabilitation.

Mohr, who is awaiting trial on multiple felony charges, had his bond revoked May 1 after he failed to appear for a bond revocation hearing, which was scheduled after the Carthage Police Department arrested him March 12 for driving under the influence of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Felonies with which Mohr is awaiting trial include possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, distribution of heroin, possession of alprazolam with intent to distribute, receiving stolen property, two counts of possession of methamphetamine, possession of Dilaudid 5, and possession of methadone.

Mohr has also been arrested for armed robbery three times. On two of the occasions, both in Carthage, former Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney Dean Dankelson dropped the charges. In the third case, a reported armed robbery at 7th and Moffet in Joplin in August, Dankelson's office never filed charges.


Anonymous said...

That's just crazy. He already proved he won't show for court.

douglas skelton said...

Strange how these armed robbery charges are dropped like that. I think we need to check on the prosecutor and the judge to see what gives here.

Anonymous said...

Sad wonder what he is holding over the judicial system??????

Anonymous said...

Yall are a bunch of haters!

How do you expect the young man to get a job and turn his life around if he isn't set loose?

Next thing you know yall will be making noise about elected officials and campaign contributions and justice.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell gets set free on all those charges? Obviously the man is a drug addict and a theif who has no intentions on turning his life around or would've done did that by now. What's he gonna have to commit murder to actually stay charged and booked?

Anonymous said...

He's obviously an informant.

Anonymous said...

One word,collusion.

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of the term snitch! He's already been allowed to attend one drug rehab that he didn't stay at for any extended period! It will only get worse. He's needs a long term rehab out of Joplin and has to want to be clean!

Anonymous said...

As the Founder and Director of The Road I have seen many men change that were deemed unchangable. Maybe Ace is one of them and maybe he's not but what I believe is that every human being is valuable and capable of redemption. Ace has broken laws, burned bridges, and been locked up many times. All of the negative things he has done was under the influence. If we can support this young man and help him find sobriety and purpose then he will be a success. If we lock him up (and maybe he deserves to be locked up) then the odds are that he will reoffend and not get proper recovery. We are and have been one of the most successful recovery programs in the state (rated by the DMH - MRSS) for several years. If he can't succeed here then he will probably not succeed anywhere. How about send a prayer for this dude that begins his new journey today. And as for Mr. Turner, it seems that your life is built on pessimistic criticism. Must be a sad and haunting existence to be such a negative human being. Many if not the majority of your articles are based on how "bad" people are. Why don't you look for the good? An example would be Judge Mouton. Judge Mouton is one of the fairest, nicest, smartest, gentlest, souls I have ever met. It's not just because his wife was my kindergarten teacher that I say such a thing, but because he and his wife try to inspire and draw out the best in children and "misfits" believing in second, third, and even tenth chances in order to try to redeem the "small" people in this world. They do more for our community in one calendar year than you have done in your whole life. Take notes and emulate people such as them, for you come across as a judgmental, doomsday, hater. Find some humanity, find some grace, and find some love.