Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stacey Newman: Estimated $160,000 being spent on Governor's special anti-abortion session

(From Rep. Stacey Newman, D-St. Louis)

I'm not kidding.  
$20,000 per day of your taxpayer dollars in order to a) repeal the St. Louis City reproductive anti-discrimination ordinance (how on earth does that affect any other community?) and b) pass more unconstitutional restrictions on abortion providers.
Rep. Barnes (R-Jefferson City) said in the House hearing last Wednesday that his bill, HB6 - "is the legislative response to the U.S. District Court's decision" (injunction against Missouri's current Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers).  
Does that make any sense?  A federal judge strikes down our current unconstitutional restrictions so the Governor & the GOP demand we pass more?
Tuesday June 14th: The Senate heard 3 GOP bills sponsored by Senators Bob Onder (St. Charles), Bob Dixon (Springfield) and Koenig (St. Louis County in a nonstop hearing lasting over 5 hours with numerous witnesses testifying against - including Drs Colleen McNicholas and Caitlin Parks, NARAL Prochoice Missouri, ACLU of Missouri, Planned Parenthood and Robin Utz who told her painful pregnancy loss story.

Wednesday, June 15th: The House Children & Families Committee heard 4 GOP bills - HB3 (Swan -Cape Girardeau), HB6 (Barnes - Jefferson City), HB7(Franklin - Camdenton) and HB9 (Kelly -Mountain Grove) in a SEVEN hour hearing with no breaks.  HB's 7 and 9 were voted out during a quick Executive Session and sent to a oversight Rules Committee.
Meanwhile the Senate delayed their session Wednesday from 9am until midnight when they passed SB5 (Koenig - R, St. Louis County) with no debate by a vote of 20-6. Good news - the emergency clause of the bill  (which would make the bill take effect immediately upon signing rather than 90 days later) failed to receive a two-thirds required majority vote. The Special Session had been called for Sen. Onder's legislation but after hours of negotiation all day Wednesday, by complete surprise his bill died! 

Monday , June 19th: The House Children & Families Committee is noticed up to meet at 11am in Hearing Room 3 to hear SB5. They are also scheduled to vote out HB3 and HB6 which are expected to be amended. The oversight Rules Committee is noticed up to meet at 2pm in Hearing Room 7 or 30 minutes upon adjournment of Children & Families Committee

Tuesday, June 20th: The House is expected to meet at 10am for full debate on SB5 and any House bills referred from the Rules Committee.  If no amendments are added to SB5 - it will go directly to the Governor.  If the bill is amended, it will need to go back to the Senate for additional votes.

Thursday, June 22nd:  The Senate is noticed to convene at 9am for potential debate.
Please check and daily for updated notices.
Anticipated: NINE Days of the 2nd Extraordinary Session at an estimated cost of $160K.  Just peachy, right?

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