Monday, June 26, 2017

Greitens praises Supreme Court decision in Trinity Lutheran case

(From Gov. Eric Greitens)

Governor Eric Greitens praised the United States Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision today in favor of Trinity Lutheran, a church in Columbia, Missouri.

“People of faith won an important victory today.

Earlier this year, I reversed Missouri’s policies that discriminated against religious organizations. The ACLU and others attacked our decision. We did not back down, and we will continue to fight for people of faith.

Like our administration, the Supreme Court decided that people of faith should not be discriminated against. Missouri is home to many excellent religious organizations that serve our kids, our families, and our communities. We will continue to work together with these organizations to help the people of Missouri.”


Anonymous said...

OK, but no crying foul when the atheists and Muslims ask for money as well.

Unknown said...

Thank you Governor Greitens for standing up for this one
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

Amen, and is this school free or deserve grants? They side with the church to get special tax exempt status, but if it is not totally neutral revenue versus feeding something back into the church then they should not get grants. One more right wing group wins while the state loses another battle to keep things as intended, separation of church and state.

Anonymous said...

Totally different deal when the non saved come begging!

Anonymous said...

This way they can act all churchy and get more money from the poor sheep that believe their lies. Wonderful politicians will do anything for money.