Sunday, June 11, 2017

McCaskill: Senate health care bill being written by "group of guys in the back room"

In the accompanying video, Sen. Claire McCaskill asks to be a part of the creation of the health care bill being worked on in the U. S. Senate.

McCaskill notes that the Affordable Care Act had several hearings before it was voted on and that amendments, including amendments from Republicans, were debated and in some cases adopted.

This health care bill, she said, is being constructed by "a group of guys in the back room making all the decisions."


Concerned citizen said...

Just like everything in Washington...Retire Claire

Unknown said...

Can the Senator please be specific as to which
"Republican Amendment " was adopted with the Unaffordable Health Care Act?

And was it initially offered by a Republican Senator? Or just his name added for Courtesy/Political purposes?

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

The Republicans will be responsible for 23 million uninsured citizens, and babies born with illnesses that are classified as pre-existing conditions that will never be able to receive treatment. They will be responsible for the deaths of millions of citizens, but hey, the rich get a tax break. Claire is fighting for the citizens, but Blunt is fighting for sugar daddies to contribute to his coffers.

Unknown said...

McCaskill is fighting to keep her job; I.e., her own selfish interests; none else in the State of Missouri!!!
Typical corrupt prevaricated; just like her Butt buddy Hillary.

Harvey Hutchinson 303-622-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...


To borrow a line from Dan ignorant slut. McCaskill just called out the Republicans to their face for attempting to remove 23 million from healthcare, bringing back pre-existing conditions and doing it in secrecy. If they are stupid enough to do what they are attempting, it will be a death sentence for many Americans, plain and simple, just like Trump.

Your ignorant slut comment regarding these two women being "butt buddies" exhibits your stupidity. Like you, it makes entirely zero sense. I understand you must have a propensity for this type of sexual deviance, perhaps you should engage your President with a "golden shower", it appears most of you Republicans are deviants.

Anonymous said...

@2:26 You seem to be the one going to a personal level.

Anonymous said...

@2:26 Oh and it's AYKroyd, Jane.

Covefe said...

I guess my comment about allowing Harvey to use the phrase butt buddy wasn't up to Turner Report standards. Next time I'll add some drool to try and blend in with the RWNJ comments.