Monday, June 19, 2017

Graves: Rural hospitals need our help

(From Sixth District Congressman Sam Graves)

Rural hospitals are a literal lifeline for tens of millions of people across this country. In communities that don’t have enough primary care doctors or health facilities, rural hospitals provide a critical, lifesaving service that otherwise would not be here for us.

Unfortunately, about 80 rural hospitals have closed since 2010. What’s worse, one third of all rural hospitals in the U.S. could close in the next few years. That’s 12 million Americans at risk of losing access to the closest emergency room. A devastating number, and something we can’t allow to continue in rural America.

Cuts to hospital payments have worsened the problem, and as populations decrease in rural communities, so-called “medical desserts” are popping up across rural America. It leaves people living on farms or in small towns dangerously vulnerable to medical emergency - particularly older Americans.

This week, I am joining with my colleague from Iowa, Dave Loebsack, to introduce the Save Rural Hospitals Act. This bipartisan bill looks to reverse the trend of rural hospital closures, in part by eliminating unrealistic federal regulations like the “96 hour rule,” which forces rural hospitals to move a patient within 96 hours in order to get reimbursed by Medicare.

The average rural hospital creates 195 jobs and generates $8.4 million in annual payroll. But more than that, these facilities make communities livable, ensuring a doctor isn’t far away when a medical emergency strikes.

This bill shines a light on the rural health crisis in Missouri and across the country. If we accept this reality - and neglect this much needed conversation - rural hospitals in Missouri will continue to close. This leaves thousands without access to health care, putting lives in jeopardy and affecting every family in Middle America. That’s simply not acceptable.


Anonymous said...

If Graves wants to fix the problems of rural hospitals, he shouldn't have voted for the AHCA (Trumpcare), the provisions of which will the the last straw for many hospials. The State legislature has already done its part in putting the hospitals in jeopardy by refusing to expand Medicaid under the ACA (Obamacare, he Medicaid cut-backs - which will even affect states like Missouri that didn't expand the program in the state - will finish the job. See:

Graves voted for the AHCA - whining about the state of rural hospitals now is pure hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1 is absolutely correct. The Medicaid cuts that Graves voted for with Trumpcare will not only wipe out a lot of rural hospitals, but many rural nursing homes as well, since about 40 percent of Medicaid money goes to nursing homes to care for the elderly who have "spent down" their assets to zero and thus require Medicaid to pay for their continuing existence in nursing homes. Most of us know a family member or neighbor who has gone through that situation. What will happen to these old folks?

Anonymous said...

What will happen to these old folks?

They will vote to reelect tRUMP in 2020?

Because MAGA and RWNJs!!