Friday, June 23, 2017

Twenty more Sears stores to close- Joplin store not on list

The number of Sears store closings has climbed to 265 with the announcement Thursday to employees that 20 more stores have been added to the list.

The list does not include the Sears store at Northpark Mall in Joplin.

This is the fourth round of closings that have been announced in 2017.

With the closings, the number of Sears stores in the United States has dropped from 2,073 to 1,180 in the last five years.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Trump will take credit for this too?

Anonymous said...

4:48 Nothing to do with Trump, that's a pretty dumb comment. How about Obama take credit? After all he tanked the economy for the past 8 years right? Sears and all the big box stores will be closed in the next 10 years, no way they can compete with crap products, crap customer service and online shopping. Blame Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Obama tanked the economy? Were you in this country around 2007?

Anonymous said...

Obama tanked the economy? How is literally pulling us out of a recession tanking the economy?

Both top comments are wrong, this is nobodys fault but Sears. Amazon didn't force Sears to ruin their own brand in order to cut costs, if that were the case, blame Harbor Freight.
No, this is all on Sears.