Thursday, June 29, 2017

Greitens signs four bills into law

(From Gov. Eric Greitens)

Governor Eric Greitens has signed four more bills into law.

SB 8, sponsored by Senator Brian Munzlinger, decreases government regulations for Missouri loggers and log haulers by giving them the freedom to haul additional forest products outside the 100-mile restriction. This bill also allows Missouri farmers to drive on state highways at night with properly lighted machinery during harvest season.

SB 222, sponsored by Senator Jeanie Riddle, improves public safety for utility workers by expanding Missouri’s Slow Down/Move Over law to include utility vehicles. Senator Riddle’s bill also allows for additional superior lighting on utility vehicles that will keep workers safe on the jobsite.

SB 225, sponsored by Senator Dave Schatz, closes a loophole in Missouri’s DUI laws and honors veterans by allowing those who have received the Distinguished Service Cross commendation to park at public colleges for free.

SB 240, also sponsored by Senator Schatz, establishes statewide licensing for electrical contractors in order to promote competition and fairness. This bill maintains strict and high standards to ensure safety and preserve local building code enforcement.

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