Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Joplin R-8 hires four teachers, two administrators, one due to "critical shortage" and accepts two resignations

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education hired two administrators, four teachers and 23 classified employees and accepted resignations from two teachers during a July 27 closed session.

In addition to the previously announced promotion of Jacob Williams to the newly-created middle school athletic director position, the board hired its former Director of Special Services Janet Earl, as an interim assistant director of student services "due to critical shortage" according to the minutes.

It can be difficult when there is a critical shortage of assistant directors of special services.

Teachers hired were Krista Ideker, Melissa Kendall, Melissa Miller and Alex Smith.

Classied employees hired were Kayla Barnhart, Meagan Brashar, Jay Brubaker, Brittney Burns, Connie Castellanos, Wayne Crandell, Sarah Crossley, Larry Enlow, Andrea Griffith, Susan Haley, Terry Henson, Kelsey Hounshell, Ashley Intessimone, Lisa Jones, Heather Kahraman, Jalyn Ledford, Debra Merman, Holly Parks, Jamie Rawlings, Mark Rhodes, Waylen Tuggle, Bethany Walles and Denisa Simpson.

Resignations were accepted from Leslie Gann and Jacqueline Voss.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mendy,

By hiring Williams and Earl, you are showing Joplin you are not being fiscally responsible. I am very disappointed. You got some bad advice here.

Anonymous said...

Middle school athletic director must have been Steve's idea. Sped dept NEEDS Janet to fix problems w activating IEPs bc Barlass was unable to fix. Process coordinators did his job.
Poor sped secretaries were probably the scape goats for that. Congrats Leslie, whether you're retiring or moving to better pay.

Anonymous said...

Middle school athletic director was created from the "assistant athletic director" position so it was necessarily newly created just renamed...

Anonymous said...

Janet Earl has been hired to clean up the mess left by Barlass and . She was also there before to train Cantwell since she doesn't have a clue--just like Lisa Orem.