Monday, November 13, 2023

Probable cause: Joplin man hit girlfriend in face with golf club, broke TV

The Newton County Prosecuting Attorney's office filed a felony domestic assault charge against a Joplin man who allegedly struck his girlfriend of six months with a golf club because he suspected her of cheating on him.

An arrest warrant was issued today for Michael John Corp (DOB 1976) with bond set at $1,500 cash only.

From the probable cause statement:

V1 stated that her boyfriend of 6 months, Michael John Corp, hit her with a golf club in the face. V1 stated that Corp had gotten upset with her over her communicating with another male and believed she was cheating. 

She stated an argument ensued which escalated when Corp reached for a pocket knife while in the kitchen. V1 grabbed a kitchen knife in self-defense and that is when Corp struck her in the jaw with a golf club. I observed minor redness and swelling to V1’s lower left jaw where she stated she was hit with the golf club. 

The living room of the residence had items scattered around along with a broken TV. 

Corp fled the scene once V1 advised she was calling 911. He was not located on scene. 

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