Monday, July 17, 2006

Blunt raises more than half a million

The election is more than two years away, but the Blunt political machine continues to rake in the big bucks.
The quarterly disclosure statement, filed today with the Missouri Ethics Commission shows Missourians for Blunt raised $527,056.50 during the last three months, spent $346,334.08 and at the time of filing had $1,902,743.92 in the account.
The list of contributors marks the usual gallery of Springfield/Branson interests, the Kansas City/St. Louis interests, and other business interests across the state. Most of the donations are from Missouri.
The expenditures include more than $20,000 for air travel, much of which has been done on state business with the governor proclaiming how much money this is saving the taxpayers.

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Anonymous said...

Those are the same Branson interests that always have their hand out. I am sure they feel they get value received, afterall, one of them got a private four lane road almost to his business front door. You play, you pay, and they sure pay.