Saturday, July 29, 2006

Daily: Surface expects DWI citation

While the Joplin Globe still hasn't been heard from, the upstart Joplin Daily's John Hacker not only has the story of Jasper County Presiding Commissioner Chuck Surface being stopped by a county deputy, but it also has comments from Surface.

"I had had some drinks and should have had breakfast and lunch, but it was such a busy day, I didn't take the time to eat," Surface said. "I had dropped by the Elks Lodge to talk with friends and I probably hung around there a half-hour too long. I should have known better, it was a silly, stupid mistake and I'll have to bear the consequences."

In the Globe's behalf, it should be mentioned that the Globe staff was at a disadvantage since Surface was stopped in unfamiliar territory for Globe Joplin. If he had been stopped in Kansas or Neosho, it undoubtedly would already be on the Globe website.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Ed Simpson is so obsessed with the JOPLIN Globe being a regional paper he woefully neglects the paper's hometown. What's bad, is a lot people in many of these smaller towns wish the Globe, looked upon as "big city", would stay away, while Joplin residents yearn for more attention from their own paper.
Oh yes, of course, when those small town residents are reading negative, scummy Globe coverage from other places they love it — until they they start reading about their own town and people.
Ed Simpson is a squirmy little runt anyway, with a hard on for juicy nastiness (i.e. dirty gossip). He's worse than a beauty shop wench.

Anonymous said...

the dwi arrest of surface stinks. he is stopped in the city of joplin by a county officer and then arrested by a highway patrolman. what happened to the city police. with all the problems we have in the county what is a deputy sheriff doing patrolling the city of joplin? election year i guess. surface was released without bond. he should have spent his night in jail and then
bonded out the next day.