Saturday, July 22, 2006

Christian Health Care connection pays off for Wilson

Health care donors paid off handsomely for Rep. Kevin Wilson, R-Neosho, according to his quarterly report filed July 14 with the Missouri Ethics Commission.
Wilson received $5,215 in contributions during the three-month period ending June 30. Of that total, $2,600 came from the health care industry, with all but $325 of that amount coming from sources connected to Christian Health Care.
Wilson received the maximum $325 contributions from Christian Health Care Pharmacy, Christian Health Care Hospital, Christian Health Care Personnel Services, Larry Cole of Christian Health Care, and Jason Cole, who lists the same address as Larry Cole.
In addition, Wilson received maximum contributions from the District 7 Missouri Health Care Association and District 5 Missouri Health Care Association. The state treasurer for the Missouri Health Care Association is Pete Stayton of Christian Health Care.
Wilson also received $325 from the Freeman Physicians Group.
The disclosure report also showed Wilson receiving $165 from the 129th Republican Legislative District Committee,$325 from the Missouri State Teachers Association Legislative Improvement Committee and $325 from the Missouri Realtors PAC.
Wilson spent $4,480.59, leaving him with $26,539.12 in his campaign war chest.
His biggest expenditure was $1,834.10 to Willis Printing, Neosho, for campaign materials.


Anonymous said...

Randy, your posts on local legislators are starting to become the same irresponsible reporting that the Globe indulged in with "Spheres of Influence."

A mere listing of contributors and contribution without a sense of perspective suggests that there is something unusual, unethical or illegal about the donations.
That's just the system.

You didn't provide context, so this post forces me to assume that Kevin Wilson is a dirty crook. In reality, we know that he is one of the better legislators from our area. If you are going to list these sorts of things, provide the reader some idea of how Wilson compares to others, his predecessor or himself in the past.

Randy said...

I made no aspersions with my post. Most of Kevin Wilson's contributions during the past quarter came from health care interests, totally legal, except the way in which they were made with Christian Health Care finding so many ways to contribute something to a candidate, is something that is wrong with the system. If you check through previous posts, you will discover that Kevin Wilson has also received credit when credit was due on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Being one of the "better" legislators from our area, doesn't make him a good one.

What Wilson has done to senior citizens is reprehensible and ugly.

Anonymous said...

Where is Christian Health Care based from? I haven't been able to find anything closer than Lebanon or Nixa. I went to the linked site and found they appeared to be based in Rogers, Arkansas, but when I did a search couldn't find a Christian Health Care Hospital in Arkansas at all.

Do they actually exist? Do they provide services anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Oops. Hospice not hospital. Sorry.