Monday, July 17, 2006

Carthage's problem may soon be Philadelphia's

For all of the talk about renewing waste and making it productive, RES in Carthage has primarily been known for the rank odor it has brought to the community.
That hasn't stopped RES head honcho Brian Appel from attempting to expand his franchise. According to an article in today's Philadelphia Daily News, Appel has his eyes set on the City of Brotherly Love.
The problems RES ran into in Missouri are buried three paragraphs from the end:

Appel's turkey operations ran into a bump this year when Missouri's attorney general briefly shut the plant down for violating state air quality standards. After making technical fixes to address the odor and paying a $100,000 fine, the plant was back in operation.

Apparently, according to the Appel version, everyone lived happily ever after.

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