Thursday, July 20, 2006

Former KOAM morning anchor subject of Star column

Toby Cook, who along with Andy Carson, was the host of the first local morning news show in this area back in the early 1990s, is the subject of a column by Jeff Flanagan in the Kansas City Star.
Flanagan explores why Cook, who had been a morning anchor at WDAF-TV, left television news to take a position with the Kansas City Royals.


Anonymous said...

I well remember the "Toby and Andy Show", or vice-versa, as my husband and I called it. Really enjoyed them. What happened to Andy?

Randy said...

Check yesterday's posts. I have a photo and link about Andy. He is the host of a morning show in Portland, Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Why he went to work for the Royals? Umm, probably because no matter how dismal the team is and how dreadfully backward the city is, it's still a great stadium and you're able to watch the Yankees about six times a year in person. It beats the hell out of talking milo prices and waking up to train whistles in Pittsburg, Kan., everyday.