Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Star business columnist: Gaming commission being politicized

Missouri's Gaming Commission has been widely praised for its independent makeup and its efficiency, but that praise may vanish thanks to recent appointments by Governor Matt Blunt.
Today's Kansas City Star features a business column by Rick Alm exploring the recent appointments of Gene McNary, who has no experience with the industry, to be the commission's executive director, and the appointments of Noel Shull and Sam Hais, both big-time contributors to Governor Matt Blunt's campaigns, to commission posts.
The Turner Report was the first media source to trace the financial contributions made by Shull and Hais. In the April 14, 2006, Turner Report, I noted that Shull and his wife made maximum contributions to Blunt for the past two years, totaling $4,750, while in the June 9 Turner Report I pointed out that Hais, his family, and members of his law firm donated $16,575 to Blunt between 2003 and 2005.
That report, as noted earlier today, brought a response from Hais' daughter, Jessica Hais, who referred to the author of this blog as a moron.

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