Monday, July 31, 2006

Denison: Thank God for lobbyists

I missed the story this morning when I was scanning through the Springfield News-Leader, but thanks to Ron Davis at Chatter, I just picked up on Rep. Charlie Denison's take on the importance of lobbyists:

"Do I take some lobbyist money? You betcha," Denison said. "Because there is a world of information that comes from lobbyists. When we term-limited, we cut ourselves off from information about what happened 10 years ago. You get that from lobbyists, and if you are going to get it straight you don't talk to just one, you talk to both sides."

Now what makes the Springfield Republican think he can't listen to lobbyists without accepting their money? Apparently, that never occurred to him.
Granny Geek offers a take on Denison's comment in this blog entry.

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