Thursday, July 20, 2006

Talent begins advertising in Springfield market

I haven't seen anything on Joplin television (though it may have been there), but Associated Press reports Jim Talent has begun advertising on Springfield TV stations. The AP article suggests two reasons for the early ad blitz:
1. Talent has enough money to spend some now and still have plenty for closer to the general election.
2. The senator has taken a hit this week with his vote against broadened stem cell research and the subsequent veto by President Bush. Polls indicate two-thirds of Missourians support stem cell research.


Anonymous said...

I hope Mr. Talent spends great sums of money hoping to solidify his religious base, and loses his seat come election time. I also hope his voting against stem cell research comes home to haunt him personally. A good bout of Parkinson's disease before he meets his just reward might just be the ticket. He has so proudly denied others a little dash of hope for recovery from some debilitating disease, so one good turn deserves another. I am only posting as "Anonymous" because I never can get the login to work. So be there no mistake, this is posted by Drust at Kirbyville, Mo. I certainly am not hiding behind "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

You sound more like Dunce at Kooksville to me.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote for Talent if he put on a tutu, slapped a lampshade on his head, and danced across the dais.