Friday, July 28, 2006

Wright rips governor's 'Pay for Play" strategy

Rep. Mark Wright's maverick campaign for the Republican nomination for state auditor continued to take him down a much different road than that of his competitors. In an article in today's Kansas City Star, the Springfield legislator accused Governor Matt Blunt of cronyism and of having a "pay to play mentality."
He promised if elected to audit every lease the state has entered into make sure it is in the best interests of the taxpayers. If you remember, Wright was one of a group of Republicans who recently proposed a reform plan for the awarding of license fee offices. The plan includes awarding the offices to not-for-profit organizations and making sure the operation of the offices is audited on a regular basis.
If you recall, the governor asked the group to delay announcement of the plan, then refused to meet with the representatives.
Naturally, the governor's pit bull press spokesman Spence Jackson is saying that Wright is making his comments about the governor's cronyism because he is desperate.
Just looking through the past several months of Turner Report posts about the Blunt administration would seem to indicate the Springfield Republican is Wright on the money. This blog has run dozens of posts regarding the governor's tendencies toward building his administration around his contributors and the special interests they represent.
Consider these examples:
-Gaming Commission appointment is big Blunt contributor
-Banker to head Missouri Gaming Commission
-Joplin surgeon appointed to Head Injury Advisory Council
-Blunt promotes ethanol proposal
-Blunt appointment rolled in health care dough

-Family values spur Blunt contributions
-National lobbyists pouring money into Blunt campaign
-Missouri lobbyists also contributed money to Blunt campaign
-The best task force money can buy
-Blunt campaign receives timely contributions from Moark officials
-MHA funnels thousands into Blunt campaign chest

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Anonymous said...

It looks like the Goobernator's crew/henchmen have been jumping ship recently in big numbers. Could it be because the Governor Blunder made some mention in Springfield recently he might not be running for the high office again? Whatever the reason, Spaz Jackson has been making uncontrolled statement about anyone critical of his buddy. He really lashed out at Mark Wright. Remember, paybacks can really sting sometimes, Wright may have the last zinger at Gov. Blunder before its over.