Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Globe: More than 200 attend vigil for Rowan Ford

More than 200 attended a prayer vigil tonight in Stella for missing nine-year-old Rowan Ford:

This town needs that little girl back,” said Neosho resident Connie Moser, the vigil’s organizer. “She could be cold and hungry. We all need to pray for her.”

Rowan, a Triway Elementary School fourth-grader who was last seen at her home at 10:45 p.m. Friday, was reported missing at 6:50 p.m. Saturday by her mother, Colleen Spears.

Flanked by two friends and clutching a fuzzy, brown teddy bear, Spears sobbed as she climbed the hill toward her house at 777 Grove St.

Candles carried by friends, residents and Rowan’s classmates lit up the night behind Spears. Many attendees pushed baby strollers up the rocky drive. Two supporters were in wheelchairs.

The procession started at Stella Baptist Church, which Rowan attended, and ended at her home, where her blue Blossom Quest bicycle waits in the yard.

Many supporters, including Moser, did not know Rowan or her family personally.

“I am a mother,” Moser said. “If this were my child missing, I would want everybody in the world out looking for her.”


Anonymous said...

boy it's a wonder you don't get tagged with a plagiarism lawsuit. you know you have to link to any story you post on the web right

Randy said...

You know, all you had to do was point out that I had neglected to put in the link. Since I credited the Globe in the headline, I obviously was not trying to claim credit for their work, which by the way, is the definition of plagiarism. I will put in the link and I apologize for anyone this offended. My record at linking to stories from other sources is a good one as regular readers are well aware.

Anonymous said...

KODE did a very moving story on the candlelight vigil.

Anonymous said...

While you are at it,Randy, change the girl's name to Rowan Ford in the story. She is not Rowan Martin. That is inexcusable.

Randy said...

I apologize for the mistake and will correct it.

Anonymous said...

a shocking mistake for an award-winning "journalist."