Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama projected to win in Virginia

CNN and NBC have projected Barack Obama as the winner of the Virginia primary, while Mike Huckabee has an early lead over John McCain on the Republican side.
Polls are not scheduled to close until the end of the hour in Maryland and Washington, D. C.


Anonymous said...

The Republicans need to stop counting now while Huckabee is ahead. If we'd stopped counting at 87% in Missouri. He would've won here too.

Anonymous said...

As long as CLinton doesn't get it ...I don't care!

Does anyone remember the Bush's had to get the Clinton's to return items thay had stolen from the White House?
They are theifs...if given a chance to get back into The White House ...they will strip it bald!

And what about the idea that Clinton was just about to be impeached?

What about the old cigar trick Clinton pulled with Monica?

Look at how they made the White House position a joke!

Do we need more of that?
Seems like everyone forgets and it has only been 8 years!