Friday, September 21, 2012

At Women for Akin rally, Todd achin' for women protesters to shut up

In this Progress Missouri video, Todd Akin reveals that America has won two world wars and has a hard time drowning out the women in the background.


Anonymous said...

We have won two world wars and we help other people? What about ending our wars and helping the American People?

We can't let another nut into Congress. Vote for Claire

Anonymous said...

9"We won two World Wars, and we help other people". Yes we did but we didn't win them alone..

Now it is 70 years later and we are still in a war and not wanting to help American People.

Don't put this nut in the Senate, he is living in the past.

Anonymous said...

Todd Akin and Belly Long are equally worthless to the Missouri citizenry, but they may both get in there.

Never underestimate the Republican voter in this state. Their party lives and thrives on fear and hate.

So far, they are right on track with both.