Monday, September 17, 2012

Ed Martin reveals Crime Cutting Council

(From the Ed Martin for Attorney General campaign)

Ed Martin unveiled the initial members of his proposed Crime Cutting Council on Thursday. The members include law enforcement professionals, prosecutors, and sheriffs from across Missouri.
Martin announced his intention to create the Council last week at the Cass County Justice Center, the home of current Attorney General Chris Koster. The Council will serve as an advisory board to Martin within the Attorney General’s office and help tackle some of Missouri’s toughest criminal issues such as urban and drug crimes. Members announced today include:

Katee Porter - Former prosecuting attorney for the cities of Gladstone and Smithville
Adam Warren - Livingston County Prosecutor
Eric Zahnd - Platte County Prosecutor
Joey Kyle - Christian County Sheriff
Anita Yeckel - Former State Senator
Jeff Hansen - Small business owner
Cliff Luber - Camden County Commissioner and former Maryland State Trooper
“I am honored that these law enforcement professionals and citizens have agreed to be part of my Crime Cutting Council,” Martin said. “Every one of them has a proven track record of fighting crime in this state. Missouri has unfortunately gained notoriety in recent years because of urban crime and drug problems which need to be addressed, but are not garnering the attention they deserve. St. Louis and Kansas City consistently have some of the highest murder rates in the country, and meth lab incidents rank Missouri as the meth capital of the world. I look forward to working with the members of the Council to solve these problems.”
Martin also echoed last week’s criticism Attorney General Koster:
“We need to address these problems, but Chris Koster has been consumed with politics since he was elected four years ago. Koster's complete lack of leadership and his many failures as Attorney General are the reason we need a new leader in this office. I am committed to helping get violent criminals and drug criminals off the street when I am Attorney General; Chris Koster is not.”

Katee Porter praised Martin for taking the initiative and establishing the Crime Cutting Council.

"As a prosecutor, I saw first-hand how crime affects our communities and our state. Ed realizes that the problems we are seeing with urban crime and drug use are serious issues and will not go away without leadership and action from elected officials. I am proud to be part of this Crime Cutting Council and look forward to working to develop solutions that will make Missouri a safer place to live."

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