Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peggy Newton begins life in a Texas prison

The dress code in the Federal Medical Center Carswell Prison is a bit different than the one Peggy Newton has grown accustomed to during her years in Joplin.

The prison, her new home since earlier this month, is located at the northeast corner of the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base at Fort Worth, Texas. Mrs. Newton was sent there after pleading guilty to embezzling hundreds of thousands from her business partner at Evergreen and Amber, Diane Pine.

The dress code, according to the prison's orientation book does not leave much room for glamour:

Appearance is important in making a positive impression on others, as well as providing you with a feeling of general well-being and personal satisfaction.  You are expected to maintain a neat personal appearance at all times.   
7:30 a.m. -  4:00 p.m. (Monday - Friday) - All inmates, including inmates on medical idle, will be dressed in the institution-issued khaki clothing.  T-Shirts must be tucked in at all times.   
Inmates exempt from wearing institution-issued clothing during normal duty hours must be
approved by the Medical Review Committee.  Only safety shoes, work shoes or tennis shoes may be worn outside of the housing unit.  Open-toed shoes, slippers, and sandals will not be worn off the unit unless approved by the Medical Review Committee.  Inmates with designated days off during the week may elect to dress in approved leisure attire while in the housing unit or on the recreation yard.  Appropriate dress will include authorized sweatshirts, shorts, t-shirts, and other approved personal clothing.
          Tight-fitting or baggy clothing is not allowed.  Inmates will be required to exchange clothing      items that do not fit properly.  Institutional clothing will not be altered in any fashion, nor will any logos or insignias be placed upon the uniform in any manner.  Any personal attire that is altered from its original form will be considered contraband, will be confiscated, and may result in disciplinary action.
*All inmates must be in khaki clothing to enter the Food Service dining room for the noon meal.  If wearing thermal underwear, it must be worn underneath a long-sleeved institutionissued shirt during the lunch meal. An inmate may wear the hairstyle of her choice and the length of hair will not be restricted as long as the inmate keeps her hair neat and clean.  However, mohawks and shaved-head hair styles are prohibited except for medical reasons.  Hairpieces and wigs are not permitted.    

All haircuts, perms, coloring and relaxers are to be done in the institution Cosmetology
Department.  The Cosmetology Department is located on the first floor of the Hospital building. It is open Monday - Thursday (12:30 - 7:30 p.m.), walk-ins only.

Mrs. Newton will have to work while in prison, receiving between 12 cents and 40 cents per hour, according to the orientation booklet.

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Anonymous said...

Has she ever expressed any remorse for her actions and attempted to make any repayments?