Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kansas City station fact checks McCaskill ad


Anonymous said...

Anyone hearing anything about Jason Kander, Democrat nominee for MO Secretary of State facing a legal trouble related to investments made by Jason and his wife? Trouble might be brewing in KC.

Anonymous said...

I believe you are talking about the following.

Democrat candidate for Secretary of State Jason Kander, and his wife Diana, face charges of selling liquor to underage persons. The investment concerns a "speakeasy" bar called "Firefly," in Kansas City's Westport entertainment district.

Furthermore, the Kanders face a second charge alleging a long-term conspiracy to evade licensing requirements for establishments that serve intoxicating beverages – which would have made the underage sales more difficult to tie to the Kanders.

The Kansas City Liquor Control Board will convene to hear details of these allegations of the violations of ordinances 10-332 & 332O will convene Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 9:00 AM; however the board has not announced the location for the meeting. You may check the facts concerning this hearing by calling 816-784-9008

Good citizens who abhor the thought of greed-filled people selling liquor to kids for profit and conspiring to hide their criminal activities like some pair of Fagan’s, have something to worry about.

Unless goodhearted individuals apply the clensing light of publicity on this issue the sword of Justice might be stayed by Democrat political hacks.

Two members of the KC Liquor Control Board are Democrat operatives who cannot be viewed as independent agents to rule in this case. Hila Newman, aka "Dutch Newman" is a member of the Missouri Democrat State Committee, and serves on the KC Liquor Control Board. In addition, Mary Jane Judy is the president of the Liberal-Democrat, Jackson County political club called: The Committee for County Progress (CCP). These two political hacks should recuse themselves from ruling on the criminal allegations against a Democrat candidate for statewide office.

However the Democrat fix does not end with Newman and Judy. Every member of the Liquor Control Board serves "at the pleasure of" Kander's political ally and KC Mayor, Sylvester "Sly" James. Mayor James, who was also a delegate to the Democrat National Convention, keeps undated and signed resignation letters from each of the members of the Liquor Control Board in a file as a guarantee of their loyalty to him.

Let the Lord's Justice be done and protect our children.

Anonymous said...

This is huge and I do not think it has been reported anywhere else. How about giving it a post of its own Mr. Turner?