Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ed Martin to debate empty chair: Vegas oddsmakers say chair is 2-1 favorite

(From the Ed Martin for Attorney General campaign)

With characteristically thin skin and evident anxiety, liberal Democrat Chris Koster blatantly refuses to join Ed Martin at several open-door question & answer forums requested by civic groups and media outlets.
Since Ed Martin announced his availability for public townhall forums shortly after the August primary, “Obama’s lawyer” Koster has repeatedly dodged requests by groups who want to hear the candidates for Attorney General discuss key issues and their differences side-by-side, on the same platform. Some of the Koster-killed town hall sessions have included: 

  • The Kirksville Daily Express
  • The Missouri Baptist Convention
  • Missouri Western State University’s Student Government Association
  • Leaders Lead Locally Institute in Lawrence County
Other media outlets have also expressed interest in holding a forum with Martin and Koster, and continue to pursue the flight-prone and suddenly shy Koster.
Ed Martin said of Koster’s disrespect for voters:
“We took the initiative to offer availability to media outlets and civic groups in the hopes that Koster would come out from behind the curtain and have a real conversation with Missourians about the issues facing our state. Unfortunately for the voters, Koster shamefully continues to hide behind a trumped up record in Cass County and a failing record as Attorney General. Missourians deserve better than empty rhetoric and television ads from Chris Koster. Koster claims to have the courage to stand in front of at least twelve Missourians in a courtroom;  but he is obviously ashamed and embarrassed to let his failed record as Barack Obama's lawyer stand trial in the court of opinion.  Missourians are asking 'where is Chris Koster's conviction?'"
Despite Koster’s absence, Martin will hold “empty chair” town hall forums in the coming weeks at Missouri Western State University and the Leaders Lead Locally Institute. Details will be announced soon.

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