Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ed Martin to appear at Mt. Vernon town hall forum Monday

(From the Ed Martin for Attorney General campaign)

Republican Attorney General candidate Ed Martin will participate in a public forum hosted by the Leaders Lead Locally Institute in Mt. Vernon on Monday, October 1. Martin and incumbent Democrat Chris Koster were both invited, but Koster refused the offer to join the open-door question & answer forum in front of voters in southwest Missouri.

As Attorney General, the liberal incumbent Koster is best-known for refusing to join with other states in a lawsuit against ObamaCare’s government takeover of health care. The conservative Martin was nominated by Republicans in August with 72% of the vote, and is endorsed by former Attorneys General John Ashcroft and John Danforth, as well as nationally-know figures Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Citizens and news media are invited to the public forum in Mt. Vernon:

Host: Leaders Lead Locally Institute
Address: 822 W Mt. Vernon Blvd.
Date: Monday, October 1
Time: 6:45pm

Early in the campaign, Republican Martin announced his availability for public meetings where each candidate would make their case and answer voter questions. But “Obama's lawyer” Koster has repeatedly dodged and declined invitations by civic groups and news media to bring the campaign to the voters where discussing key issues side-by-side with Martin.

Martin says of Koster’s disrespect for voters:
“We took the initiative to provide Missourians with availability for public forums, in the hopes that Koster would come out from behind the curtain and face Missourians in a person-to-person conversation about the issues facing our state. Unfortunately for the voters, Koster won’t show, and is trying to hide behind liberal special interest money that is paying for ads that make wildly trumped-up claims about his record. Missourians pay his salary with their hard-earned tax dollars, and deserve much more than empty rhetoric and phony TV ads.”

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