Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Home schoolers remain loyal to Todd Akin

While many have abandoned Congressman Todd Akin following his "legitimate rape" comments or are split in their support of him, home schoolers have remained wholeheartedly behind him, according to an article in today's New York Times:

Many of the home-schoolers are also deeply religious people who want a biblical worldview to be part of their children’s studies, and many of them connect on a spiritual level to Mr. Akin, an active member of the Presbyterian Church in America.“Wow, this is pretty great,” said John Thrower, a home-school father from Troy, Mo., recalling his thoughts when Mr. Akin first ran for Congress in 2000. “Here’s a fellow who’s a home-school dad and running for Congress. Let’s get behind him.”The number of home-school-affiliated volunteers helping the campaign varies by event, but they can sometimes be as much as 60 percent of the work force, said Mr. Akin’s son and campaign manager, Perry Akin. He and the candidate’s communications director, Ryan Hite — two of Mr. Akin’s top advisers — were home-schooled.Students, not confined to classrooms during the day, can devote hours to campaign work as part of their social studies lessons. As practice for her typing course, Ania Bishop typed up Akin campaign literature. The day after the rally, her family — which has been named volunteer coordinators for Jackson County — spent about an hour and a half at a library near their suburban Kansas City home researching the voting records of Mr. Akin and Ms. McCaskill. They plan to design a comparison trifold board.

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